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What are we looking for?

Our Growth program attracts global tech-based businesses in their expansion stage. Growth accommodates startups looking to scale their sales and expand to new markets using Chile as a platform.



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<In your application, do not forget!>_

To apply you will need to submit an application using our online platform. The application includes questions about leadership, the team, and your motivations. In addition, you will need to submit a 90 seconds video and have a referee outline of why you and your team are best suited to tackle your problem.

<What do we ask in return?>_

Once a year we'll ask you to complete a form (Annual Alumni Passport) with some valuable information about your startup

<Criteria to qualify>_

Age requirement

All the members of your startup should be +18 years old.

100% dedicated

The team leader must have an exclusive dedication to the startup (full-time job). This means that you cannot work in any other company or study while you are in the pre-acceleration program. 

Key characteristics

The company must be tech-based with a scalable solution. Unfortunately, we do not accept consulting companies, export/import companies, and franchises as they are not easily scalable globally.

Target market

In its business plan, the startup must have a clear roadmap to scaling other markets using Chile as a platform.

Startup profile

The company must demonstrate sales invoiced in the 12 months before the opening of this line of at least USD 100.000 (approx) and up to USD 1 million. Individuals who are partners or founders of companies incorporated in another country, who use Chile as a platform to grow. Legal entities with profit purposes are constituted in Chile and with activities initiated in the SII.

10% shareholding

The Team Leader must have at least a 10% share in the company and a managing position (it must be someone with decision-making capacity).

Live in Chile

The Team Leader has to settle in Chile* at least throughout the whole duration of the program, 12 months, or until you’ve spent the entire grant (max 14 months)  Travel is allowed during the program but needs previous approval. *May be subject to change due to the pandemic crisis

The application form cannot be modified

The Team Leader cannot be changed after the application is completed, so please make sure to choose the right person.

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