At Start-Up Chile we aim to support global startups but that is only possible when you are part of a global community. That is the mission we share with our partners. Together we will keep adding value to the global entrepreneurship ecosystem. You are welcome to join our international network.


When the words ‘innovation’, ‘entrepreneurship’ or ‘startup’ are mentioned, our minds immediately spring to North America, the global leaders of innovation where startups thrive. As the pioneers of the entrepreneurial culture and spirit, we welcome entrepreneurs coming from this side of the world and we value the partners that are helping us help others enter this market.

Meet our partners in North America

We value all our partners in LATAM. The shared culture and/or language we have with our neighbours enable us to grow together as we face the same challenges that we need to overcome. This means we are all striving to achieve a common goal, and the geographical advantage enables us to collaborate which is the key to success for the future of Latin America.

Meet our partners in Latam

We care about our partners in Europe, as our Latin American culture itself stems from Europe, having been shaped and influenced by history. They also have a big and diverse market that intertwines with the many needs of consumers and vast amount of industries where we see potential to add our own innovative spirit. We also invite european startups to add value to Latin America.

Meet our partners in Europe

Known for their ability to constantly develop new technologies, there is no doubt that our partnerships in Asia provide a win-win situation, allowing us both to benefit immensely. Their advanced technology is indispensable to help us create the solutions needed to resolve our problems, enabling us to thrive together. We invite Asian startups to help us solve the main challenges of the region.

Meet our partners in Asia

Geographically far from us, Oceania is in fact close to Chile in more ways than you would think. What Chile and Oceania have in common is the fact that they are both resource rich, and thus share their most important economic sectors of mining and agriculture. Partnering with institutions from this part of the world therefore helps us to take a step forward in terms of cutting edge innovation.

Meet our partners in Oceania

Africa and South America are developing continents. That is why, we share many needs and problems. We’d love to form more new partnerships in this continent as we see great potential for collaboration. We invite startups to solve the problems of two continents at once. We have no doubt that our partners here can help us to learn and grow together, expanding the entrepreneurial spirit further.

Meet our partners in Africa