Female Founder Factor

We believe

In Start-Up Chile, we believe that the female factor is crucial in the business equation, so gender support must go beyond the development stage.

We are committed to reducing this gap and supporting women from the beginning of their journey as technology entrepreneurs.

After five years of promoting female entrepreneurship, the TSF program evolves and consolidates into Female Founder Factor: a community of women leaders that seeks to impact founders and their businesses and the entire ecosystem involved in their growth.

Join the launch of this initiative on the International Day of Women’s Entrepreneurship!

Our offer

If the Team Leader and founder of the startup identify herself with the female gender, you’ll have the following selection benefits:

  • We’ll ensure that for the Build program, at least 50% of the selected startups are led by female founders.
  • For the Ignite program, we’ll finance up to 90% of the project (25M CLP or USD 35,000), and you have to co-finance the 10% remaining. (80% of financing if Team Leaders are male).

We also offer a support strategy that goes across areas.