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Start-Up Chile’s new follow-on fund!

Startups that join the six month program will now have the chance to get additional funding and avoid the valley of death. Of course, significant traction and hard work will be required to win the fund that Start-Up Chile has released.

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Changing a country's future through startups

Four years ago, Start-Up Chile was born. It’s mission -- to literally transform the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem. It began with a question. What would happen if we could bring the best and brightest entrepreneurs from all around the globe and insert them into the local ecosystem? We would give them capital to build their companies and a visa to stay. Would they come? Would this have any impact?

Acceleration & Experience

To accelerate is to cause faster or greater activity, development, progress, advancement or to hasten the occurrence of something. This is one of our goals at Start-Up Chile: to hasten the occurrence of customer-validated and scalable companies that will leave a lasting impact on the Latin American ecosystem. We have built a program to help accelerate you.


Platoons are small groups of approximately 8-10 companies that meet on a weekly basis. Platoons provide an opportunity to receive rapid feedback from peers and to leverage the experience of other founders. These weekly encounters also increase accountability and promote brutally intellectually honest learning. Platoons groups are formed by development stage / industry.

SUP Academy

SUP Academy leverages the power of the Start-Up Chile community by identifying amazing talent and organizing workshops, talks and other learning experiences. We believe that the community is our greatest asset and SUP Academy draws strength from its ranks. Pitch Training is an essential part of SUP Academy. Pitching is an art. Some people are naturally gifted, but all require practice. Weekly Pitch Training sessions are the perfect opportunity to tweak those slides, overcome those stage jitters and master those communication skills. Those who practice often learn to pitch with power and conviction.


Our mentors are both talented and eager to help you grow. Start-Up Chile´s network expands beyond the borders of Chile with mentors in many parts of the world. Our mentors are not paid for their contributions, but do it out of the pure love for building companies, creating value and impacting the world.

Demo Day

This is where we show off the awesome and the best. This is where we connect our companies with investors in Latin America and the rest of the world. Prior to Demo Day, companies must first qualify by passing through Pitch Day, an opportunity to pitch to the Start-Up Chile community. In addition, upon arrival to the program, all companies are required to pitch their company at Intro Day.