YouNoodle Live – Opening Up Innovation To The World


Yesterday, Younoodle  kicked off the inaugural launch of YouNoodle Live with a sample of some of the most innovative startups from YouNoodle 1K who got to pitch their ideas virtually to an exclusive group of VCs, corporate innovation managers, and seasoned entrepreneurs. Click here to check out the TechCrunch coverage of the event. YouNoodle 1K is a unique program created specifically for the top 1,000 startups and ideas on the YouNoodle global network. We’ve amassed this amazing group of innovators by combing through more than 28,000 startups that have entered more than 400 competitions on the YouNoodle platform over the past 12 months. Startups selected to take the mic, albeit virtually joined the event representing six countries and six industries. The geographic span and varying ideas truly conveyed the diversity and innovation that are representative of the YouNoodle 1K global network. Ideas pitched included:

Foodini (Spain) – A 3D food printer that takes fresh ingredients and turns them into a healthy meal. Lab4U (Chile) – A collection of apps that allow users to conduct a range of science experiments by utilizing the sensors within a smartphone.

Syrmo (Argentina) – A smart pad that tracks your skateboard sessions trick by trick and creates 3D replays of real board movements.

TychoBio (Denmark) – Produces chemicals in a smarter and greener way: by producing them using moss. The company’s method is cheaper, more sustainable and more efficient than current methods.

Zave App (Mexico) – Allows users to save money when paying for items electronically without having to change their spending habits or increase their income. The app rounds up payments and provides options for where you can send the difference including a savings account or to pay a debt.

SokoText (Kenya) – A B2B solution to urban food insecurity that creates a virtual buyer cooperative in urban slums by aggregating food demand and unlocking wholesale prices from food suppliers.

So why go virtual? Over the past five years, entrepreneurship has truly gone global. Tomorrow’s next ‘big things’ are already coming up from unexpected places, and a global virtual demo day is a way to showcase exactly that. “Opening up opportunities to the right startups no matter where they are is at the heart of YouNoodle’s mission, and is a core benefit of being part of the YouNoodle 1K network” said Torsten Kolind, CEO and Co-Founder of YouNoodle. An exclusive group of participants tuned in for this YouNoodle pilot and including investors, media, and Fortune 500 companies, and we hope to have even more experts and technology visionaries at the next YouNoodle Live event. So look out for our next announcement and plan to log in for more YouNoodle Live events. We’ll be expanding the program to focus on different industries and regions. Want to stay up to date on YouNoodle Live? Check out

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