Yoozon is launching its beta version November 1st 


Yoozon is a tool that allows Web Designers to publish a website in under a minute, with no FTP and no server setups at all.


The Brazilian startup Yoozon has developed a way to publish websites without the need of any infrastructure setups.

That means, FTP, Database, DNS, and everything you need to get your website online is done automatically, and fast.

The idea came up when the three founders, who work with web development, noticed how much time was wasted setting up every server from scratch. That involves Domain, DNS, Databases, Emails, etc. That time is lost doing almost the same tasks for every project they had, since most websites need a the same kind of infrastructure to be published.

What if that could be made simple?

In a nutshell, Yoozon does all the setups you need to publish your website automatically. All you have to do is  save your work on Dropbox, and that’s it, your website is online.

There are some tools for that on the market, but they can only run static HTML.

Yoozon goes beyond everything was developed until now, because it runs PHP and all that comes with it, like the main CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. Other programming languages are also supported, like Ruby and Python.

Another big feature is that you can use your own Custom Domain on your project.

The Startup has gone a long way from the start. The team got 2nd place on Startup Farm, one of the best acceleration programs in Brazil, and are now on Startup Chile, a worldwide reference on startup acceleration.

Beta version is scheduled to launch on November 1st, and signups can be made on http://www.yoozon.com/

There is also a video about the product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-jniOpRQNw



Thiago Veloso – CMO & Co-Founder