Workshop on Branding


Bettina Gross wrote this piece as part of the Start-Up Chile experience. She is the founder at Camaloon.


As part of Start-Up Chile, all entrepreneurs are not only invited to participate in events, workshops and talks but also to give one and share their experiences and knowledge! Last week I had the chance to give a workshop on Branding to local entrepreneurs. Here is some of what I shared:

What makes your company or product stand out? How do you differentiate your product from the rest offering more or less the same service? Which emotions or sensations to you want your customers to feel and associate to you? In an interactive workshop on ‘Branding‘ we created a personality and experience around their different product. It was a very enriching experience to see their point of view and to unveil different aspects of brand together:

1. Your brand sets you apart.

2. Your brand is ingrained in all your company.

3. Your brand is who you are.

4. Your brand is the connection to your audience.

5. Your brand gives you loyalty.

We aimed at creating a personality and tagline for their product as we went along. I was impressed at how interactive it turned out to be, as everyone participated and got pretty excited about it. After all, it’s fun to create a persona with values and qualities around your service and share this with everybody!

After a brief introduction with a 30seconds pitch from all twenty participants and talking about the definition of Branding (to me it’s the process of establishing a relationship with your customers through your product), we took out paper and pens and started working on the differentiating elements of our products. Jeff Bezos from Amazon says it perfectly in his words: “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”. We picked the Brand Onion Modell apart uncovering the vision and values of our companies in order to create a Personality and Positioning. And once we had our brand message and attributes established, we set out to look at the customers. Who are we talking to? What keeps them up at night? What problems do they have and how can our product – and only ours – solve it?

If you want to know more about branding and the process of creating a relationship with your audience you’ll find more information on my blog and you can watch the whole presentation on slideshare.