Word is out! Here are the 105 new suppers!


After receiving more than 1400 applications during the sixth application period that ended on October 8th, Start-Up Chile announces that 105 startup companies have been selected to be part of the world-recognized acceleration program’s sixth generation.

With arrival dates in either January or February of 2013, the 105 chosen startups call more than 31 different countries home and represent a myriad of industries as well as many of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions including Brown University, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, MIT, Oxford University, among many others.

The most frequently represented countries are: USA (24%), Chile (19%), Argentina (9%), and India (7%). We are happy to welcome entrepreneurs coming from countries as diverse as Morocco, Ukraine, Pakistan and the Netherlands!

E-commerce is the most strongly identified industry (24% of the selected), which is then followed by Mobile & Wireless (10%), Media (10%), IT & Enterprise Software (10%) and Social Media & Social Networks (10%). Remaining categories include Education, Energy & Clean Tech, Finance, Natural Resources, Social Enterprise and Tourism, among others.

Horacio Melo, Start-Up Chile´s Executive Director, said “By selecting these 105 startups we are achieving one of our biggest dreams: when these entrepreneurs arrive in Chile we will have had more than 1000 global entrepreneurs from more than 36 countries. They have contributed in the mission of transforming our country into the leading innovation hub of LatAm. What´s more important, an increasing number of Chileans are becoming entrepreneurs, and we can´t be happier about that. We hope many global entrepreneurs continue to Chile to make their businesses global.”


Thinker Thing: Thinker Thing is dedicated to making tomorrows intuitive interfaces to the mind. Its “Objects from Thought” project will literally make real object from thought.

SonicPollen: SonicPollen is a web platform that connects musicians, venues and producers to improve the organization of shows and tours. We give opportunities to the musicians and erase the headache of producers and venues in the booking process.

e-nterview: E-nterview is a solution for Human Resources that enhances the recruiting and selection process. Mixing the functionalities and capabilities of web video recording and streaming our customers can create and manage customized virtual interviews and have better information of candidates, filling the gap between resumé and first in-person interview.

VERONICA – Video Efficient Recognition Of Named Identities and Content Analysis: A Cloud based artificial intelligence solution for the identification of objects and events in live video feed from security video cameras and the automated triggering of alerts, messages and notifications to security personnel and law enforcement agencies.

Telefonio: Telefonio is the phone system that simplifies doing business in Latin America. With a single click, claim a local telephone number, record a message, create extensions, forward calls, receive voicemail via e-mail and more. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises can now sound more professional and never miss a call.

re:3D: re:3D exists to create user-centered goods utilizing accessible technologies that support emerging markets. Our team of experts and regional stakeholders is committed to understanding and connecting people, resources and the environment. Leveraging the potential of 3D printing, we develop solutions to stimulate new industry in remote areas.

Qonf: Qonf is a multiplatform mobile application to help professional congress organisers, convention centers, fairs and associations leverage the value of their event and build up engagement, loyalty and sales. Qonf provides real-time insight connecting atendees and exhibitors, increasing the number of leads and sales.

MamaBox: We offer a box with babycare and female products, personalized according to the phase of every future or recent mom. The box arrives for free at your place within the first two weeks of every month, with products that change monthly according our clients needs.

EmbedStore: For people who want to monetize their websites, we propose Internet store which is easy to embed to website in 5 minutes. Unlike similar services, our store already contains goods for sale from our retailer partners, so you don’t have to accept payments and care about delivery.

Ayudarum: Ayudarum is an online platform that enables the connection between enterprises and students worldwide. Companies out-task projects to students and benefit from solved tasks and contact to future skilled workers (employer branding). Students gain practical experience, earn money and leave a positive impression with the company.

PayAllies: A Payment Gateway like PayPal without the need of credit cards, focused on emergent markets with low e-banking penetration.

Location Apparel: Location Apparel creates clothes for the places we live and love. We provide the highest quality designs at low prices through the power of crowdsourcing.

nuflick: Nuflick is a social, video on demand platform of art house, independent films and film festivals for Latin America via a subscription or an individual transaction.

TripColor: We offer mobile solution that allows travelers micro-blog about their trips during travel even when internet connection is flaky or unavailable, and offers travel itinerary suggestions which are collected and recommended by real travelers.

KidKidBangBang: KidKidBangBang.com is a private, online photo album where you can save and enjoy your kids’ pictures forever.

Crispy Games: Crispy Games is a technology driven mobile gaming company. We specialize in building multiplayer social games. Our user base is growing with nearly 2 Million users and some of games have been in Top Charts in South Asian market.

GlampingHub.com: GlampingHub.com is an online reservation platform, lifestyle guide and community interface forluxury camping and alternative accommodations around the world. GlampingHub.com provides:• The leading worldwide directory of glamping hosts and manufacturers• The first-ever glamping reservation referral system• The leading industry blog, covering trends in the glamping ecosystem

Productos Aguazul: Productos Aguazul seeks to become the global leader in point-of-use water treatment solutions. Initially, it will design, manufacture, and distribute ceramic water filters. The company will develop its business model in Chile and Peru before scaling to Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Cobase: Cobase helps small business owners find and manage top business resources online. Visit cobase.com to find entrepreneurial resources and get your own web page today.

SputnikBot: SputnikBot is an innovative educational application that helps children get to know the fundamentals of programming in an absorbing way. We’d like to draw children’s attention to computer science and show them how fun and interesting this area can be.

Eduquia: Online community of vocational orientation. We connect, in an entertaining way, people who hesitate about which career to start with those who can help them discover it.

Let’s Jock: Let’s Jock is going to become an industry-leading sportsmen recruiting company. It’s LinkedIn-like headhunter, but for the sports world, connecting athletes, recruiters, sponsor companies and all entities interested in sports. Everyone can create its own profile, find and contact users, create and discover sports events and recruiting processes and more!

MovingWorlds: Introducing <i><b>Experteering</i></b>©: Donate your professional skills & expertise to accelerate the impact of local organizations while traveling abroad. Based on the alignment of your skills, interests, and career level, Movingworlds.org offers you direct, personalized matches with social enterprises abroad, while cutting out unefficient middlemen and unnecessary costs. So why settle?

orangutrans: Orangutrans is an online transport marketplace. It matches transport users with transport providers going the same way.With so many vehicles travelling with empty space, orangutrans helps by enabling use of their spare capacity, cutting CO2 emissions, increasing profitability for transport providers and saving the transport user up to 70%.

My Travel Genie: We’re here to help today’s busy traveler plan a completely personalized trip and receive trusted advice. Combining our extensive on-the-ground network of top travel specialists with your own social network of people who know you best, we create the best itinerary you could hope for, tailor-made to fit your needs

Kudo Learning, Inc.: Kudo Learning creates fun, easy, and effective ways for children to learn a foreign language. We develop interactive, adaptive educational content for mobile platforms to provide an engaging and intuitive experience for young learners.

Go Vocab: Go Vocab is a fun way for high school students to learn the boring parts of a new language; vocabulary and verb conjugations. For Teachers, Go Vocab is an easy way to set homework and free up class time.

MedKo: Medko connects you to the right doctor. Whether you’re a traveler, expat, or simply need a doctor fast, with Medko you have options.

cottonTracks: cottonTracks is a browser extension that understands your interests through history and behavioral data. On every page you browse, algorithms define what paragraph, video or map got your attention and combines it to other pages from the same topic. It is the effortless way remember and organize your favorite content.

Big Box Labs: Big Box Labs makes adaptive learning applications designed to make learning fun for fundamentals across subjects including music, math, language, geography and critical thinking.

Insiders S.A.: Insiders S.A. monitors and reports, in real time, the purchases and sales of shares undertaken by the owners, directors and chief executives of companies listed on the local stock exchange.

ESN, The Global Export Social Network: ESN is a global social network bridging the gap between SMEs looking to expand their market (export abroad) and worldwide ambassadors with commercial expertise searching for new challenges.

Arrively: Arrively is an end-to-end travel itinerary planner combining public and private methods of transportation. The user enters a starting point and destination and sees all the transportation options- plane, train, bus, rental car, taxi, subway, shuttle, or a combination. The platform allows users to sort by time and cost.

Medesen: Medicine as a ServiceMedicine is a predictive analytics engine for proactive medical diagnosis and medicine recommendations via an online pharmacy.It is commercializing a new protocol for medicine diagnosis and dispensing.

SimpleCrew: SimpleCrew is a mobile app that allows street teams to communicate and coordinate using photos. We save teams time and energy, making them more effective and more accountablewww.SimpleCrew.com

Aumentality.cl: Aumentality.cl revitalizes the world of advertising with modern technologies, setting new boundaries and searching for ways with which to allow the consumer to be the protagonist through interactive media, having a bigger impact than traditional advertising.With technologies such as interactive walls and floors, it’s possible to interact with a consumer.

WINNING DIABETICS™: WINNING DIABETICS™ is an online resource for the global diabetic population, based on practical, healthy food/fitness solutions for diabetes management. The company is developing the first MULTI-LINGUAL social network for diabetics, to correspond with ‘WINNING DIABETICS™ 3-Point mHealth Action Plan’, a diabetes management program for iPhones, android/smartphones and computers.

Hotel-Touchpoints: “Hotel-Touchpoints”, disruptive and innovative business model that will help luxury boutique hotels to increase direct channel sales and improve their limited profitability. Hotel-Touchpoints solution will provide a set of processes, systems, know-how and qualified team to manage direct sales channel with proven results, at an affordable cost.

Experimento: We make science fun and help educators teach complex things effortlessly through inexpensive kits. We are the first company to develop biotechnology science kits in Spanish aligned with regional educational programs. We rethought the chemistry and biotechnology of powerful yet expensive teaching experiences and developed an inexpensive production process.

worldrat: worldrat is a web and mobile application for social travel. We empower the user to discover, create and share interesting places, collected in routes which are organized according to their interests and topics, helping them really leave the local experience through their own personalities.

GoPlaceIt: GoPlaceIt provides real-time data about high-demand real estate properties. House-hunters select area (in a map), price, and amenities of the ideal home, and get real-time notifications of new properties availabilities. Property owners can use this data to set optimal prices. Alpha version has 300 active users and 5,000 properties.

Med Sensation: At Med Sensation, we firmly believe in the importance of human touch as component of medical diagnosis. We provide way for developing medical technologies to seamlessly integrate with the timeless physician-patient relationship.We made it possible through the development of our Glove Tricorder, which will eventually allow automatic illnesses diagnosing.

CityHeroes: In CityHeroes we believe in better citizens, committed companies and safer cities.Combining web, mobile and hardware technologies we connect people to report and solve collective issues as well as threatening situations. We are the Waze for people problems with a safety focus and social impact.

InnSania: InnSania is a company that thinks, co-creates, develops and implements sanitation solutions from a sustainable approach. Aware of the permanent sanitary emergency in which thousands of millions live today, our first development is BIS, a bathroom module that provides health, dignity and self-sufficiency through the reuse of water and waste.

work4ce.me: work4ce.me is a software solution designed to match individuals and enterprises through leveraged social technology. work4ce.me allows human capital professionals to build a three dimensional profile of their dream candidate’s skills, values, and personality and match it against our opt-in job seeker database to identify the perfect match.

MassiveTask: In MassiveTask is where big and complex business problems are divided in thousands of microtasks and completed by an on-demand world wide workforce, assuring accurate and high quality outputs in record time.We are the world’s first crowdprocess enterprise completing microtasks through smartphones, providing work anywhere, anytime.

paOnde: paOnde is an easy way to find exactly the place you want to go out to eat, drink or have a good time. And not just some place, but the best rated one around you. With paOnde, you will never be bored at home not knowing where to go!

Colibrí: We are working on creating sensor networks in rural geographies of developing nations to give rural farmers better access to data about their fields and crops. Gathering this data will allow us to provide better services to this population through local, national and global organizations.

StageYou.TV , your stage to stardom – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bprY2nrubI&feature=youtu.be: Have you dreamt of becoming a star from comforts of your home?SageYou.tv REPLICATES the WORLD STAGE online for performing arts,in the intersection of social media, video sharing & reality TV. We put the entire performance environment online.Anyone can upload their talent get rated & discovered by Public,Celebrities& talent scouts.

Startup Stay: StartupStay.com is a global (invite-only) community for entrepreneurs who travel:1) Stay with or host a like minded entrepreneur2) Build meaningful relationships, gain local insights3) Avoid accommodation costsGuests/hosts entrepreneurs give back by sharing knowledge, skills or even tapping into their business network as part of the experience.

Americanflat: Americanflat brings exceptional design products from around the world into your home. Experienced in conceptualization, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and distribution, its team has the capability to make previously unaffordable home décor products available to Latin America’s emerging middle class.

SoilGene: SoilGene leverages the power of metagenomics and bioinformatics to provide disruptive solutions to the $8 billion mineral exploration market. Current mineral exploration strategies are costly, highly inefficient, and lack a biological approach. SoilGene’s new biological exploration modality reduces exploration costs and environmental impacts while improving resource detection accuracy.

lovemeshare.me: Lovemeshare.me is a slow-fashion e-commerce platform. We focus on facilitating the platform to sell and share items within fashion and design. We do this with a strong niche focus and a great user-experience at hand. And we support charity and sustainability while doing so.

FarFromHomePage: The Dynamic Web Presenter: FarFromHomePage has developed a browser-based presentation software that allows users to easily work with web-content. With FarFromHomePage’s Web Presenter authors can build interactive presentations using videos, websites, music, and photos taken from the web, all of which can be live-browsed when presenting or shared with others.

Storyboard Books: Storyboard Books allows Authors to engage readers through personalization of content. Readers are able to add images as well as change text within each storyboard. Children will enjoy seeing their names and pictures in their favorite stories as they become the main characters.

Medic Trace: A medical worldwide network, that enhances the search for health care and the business opportunities of health care professionals at one single web-based solution.

TeraFold Biologics Inc.: TeraFold is a biotechnology startup aiming to revolutionize the design and engineering of protein scaffolds for therapeutic applications. Scaffolds are expected to supercede antibodies in multiple areas. The founding team combines expertise in biochemistry, protein engineering, computational biophysics, molecular design, pharmacokinetics modeling, machine learning, software engineering, and high-performance scientific computing.

Helena App: Personal Digital Accessible Assistant for Blind People

sportic.com: Sportic.com is a unique and cutting-edge media platform that allows any user to publish relevant sports content in an extremely friendly way and thus generate a powerful source of sports information in the Hispanic and Latin American markets. We give a professional space to the true sports experts.

Spowit: Spowit is a leading lifestyle brand for young people. We have developed a unique platform that automagically collects the best events from social networks, allowing us to offer a high quantity of curated events around the city on our web and mobile platforms.

Cam Per Farm: One camera per farm is a toolkit for farmers, to take near infrared aerial pictures of their crop, upload the images to an online platform, and get a complete report about many characteristics of the crop, like nitrogen concentration or expected yield, improving the management and productivity of land.

Stupil: Stupil is a new kind of online video player that enables viewers to make purchases while watching a video. Imagine Shopify meets Youtube, mixed with the convenience of QVC style shopping for consumers, all aimed at making it easier to purchase products directly through social media outlets that already exist.

ESCAPAR: Escapar is a travel meta search engine dedicated to the LATAM market. We select and aggregate the best touristic offers and provide comparison tools to allow our audience to search, compare and find the flight, hotel or travel package that fit their needs. We don’t charge our users any commission!

Lagiar: We offer people an easy way to give a present. The user answers some questions about the gifted and using our innovative algorithm system offers the perfect present, that fits the giver budget and the gifted profile while also offering price comparission through the best e-commerces available.

My Restaurant: Easy CRM system and e-commerce for restaurants.

Qaddy: Qaddy provides advertising through post-sale social stories. Its puts the responsibility of marketing into the hands of the consumers and provides a way for e-retailers to increase online presence by providing incentives to the consumers for sharing recent purchases with their social communities.

Syrenaica Games: Syrenaica Games is an interactive Software Development Company that focuses on the development of casual and social games and apps for several platforms including desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

RadarChile: RadarChile is the link between schools of architecture and social entities (municipalities, neighborhood associations, etc..) To develop infrastructure projects together

Stockdrift: Stockdrift is the world’s first platform to measure investor expectations in financial markets. We help traders make money by predicting where the market will go.

Ropit: Ropit aims to become the N°1 apparel one stop shop in LATAM.We do this in a different way because we don´t buy and sell stock. Ropit features a comprehensive End-to-End eCommerce solution for brands. By doing this we achieve great advantages in costs, information management and efficiency.

Pitadela: Think of Pitadela as a wine club, but instead of receiving a Carménerè every month, you will receive a different and curated box with exceptional organic snacks. We want to provide people an experience of healthy feeding and welfare and also introduce them to some unique organic products.

Ynnovable Design: Ynnovable is a design editor company of contemporary furniture. We make the ideas of youngdesigners from around the world come true and sell them through our online shop and also key retailers. We bring industrial design directly to the user in a different way, customized products and sustainably produced.

Cell Therapy: Cell Therapy is revolutionizing the aesthetic medicine market by inexpensively isolating your own stem cells so that they can repair you face’s aged skin. While most current procedures use fillings, fat grafts and the scalpel to make faces look young again, we make your body repair itself.

JuiceDrop: JuiceDrop is a viral branded experience creator where brands can multiple touch-points to digitally engage and reward fans and potential customers wherever they are. JuiceDrop allows anyone to infuse content with interactive branded experience and to share it within their circles, delivering increases in brand-equity and marketing results.

Jobyal: We are the leading platform for finding and publishing remote and local microjobs in the Spanish-speaking market. We add value for the employees by providing the benefits of working within a corporation like community, discounts, healthcare, rewards, etc. We are not an outsourcing platform. We are the future of jobs.

fugate.cl: We are an e-commerce platform that allows hotels to offer part of their about-to-perish underutilized capacity at a discounted price to final consumers. Hotels can manage their offer through a web client or call center and consumers will view the available offer through a web and mobile-based application.

Health Assist: HA is a online/mobile platform for HR mangers that gamifies health and wellness for Corporate employee and rewards them for for staying fit

Bebe Depot: BEBE DEPOT is an e-commerce store wherein parents can easily find a great selection of products for their kids with the convenience of fast shipping, low prices and competitive financing.

Sustainatopia.com: Sustainatopia is becoming one of the leading companies in the world providing information and education within social, financial and environmental sustainability. It started with our event launched less than 2 years ago, but we now want to extend online: to become the leading 24/7 portal in the space.

AdStartr: AdStartr is an online marketplace that connects advertisers to a collection of web and mobile ad inventory from popular online publishers. We give our advertisers control, allowing for easy customization, purchase, and monitoring of their campaigns via our user-friendly interface complete with straightforward information.

SkyBulls: SkyBulls is a simulated multi-exchange stock market trading platform for people who want to educate and train themselves and test their strategies in a real trading environment before directly investing in the market.

TheCityGame: In City Applications is a young company, that has worked on various web development project and now focuses on bringing “TheCityGame” to life and expand its expertise in the development of games related to real world environments and real world data.

1,2,3 Listo: 123listo.com provides a market place for local services such as house cleaners, DJ’s or painters. It allows consumers to enter requests, find and interact with local businesses. We help users to easily connect with local service professionals at the right time and the right place.

Comparabien.com: Find best deals and great savings online by comparing all available financial products. Compare loans, credit cards, saving accounts and insurance products by price, benefits and costs. Comparison is free and easy to use. Companies can benefit from the comparison site by contacting potential customers interested in their products.

Inventarium: Inventarium is a customer feedback tool for mobile development companies. Your clients can talk to you or each other, discuss topics, vote, describe a problem or suggest new features. Turn them into your loyal customers and influence agents. Test your assumptions and increase its verification quality .

AGRIMAPS: AGRIMAPS is the first “Social Global Agricultural Map”. It is a powerful platform as well as a smartphone application that allows all participants of the agriculture distribution chain to position themselves, as well as promote and interact globally. AGRIMAPS also allows consumers to trace their food back to the orchards.

J&S Group, L.L.C.: J & S Group was created to develop Easier Vision®, an economic software for the evaluation of a business’ economic performance based on the Economic Cost Analysis© a methodology that bridges the principles of microeconomics theory with the financial accounting data, making possible the empirical microeconomic analysis to any firm.

Crispify: Crispify uses a novel algorithm to compress video by 30% and improve its quality simultaneously. Smart automated video transformations enhance viewing experience by increasing the tempo. Crispify reduces bandwidth required for sharing the video over internet. It can also be used for crisper, uninterrupted video calls.

Semantic Patent Search: With Semantic Patent Search we aim to counteract the growing problem of patent rejection. The service will be developed in cooperation with National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) and will offer a search beyond keywords, allowing to compare written ideas to a patent-database in order to find similar inventions.

Barefoot Bike Tours: Barefoot is taking the bicycle revolution to a whole new stratum. We not only offer our participants active, enthralling, and eco-friendly ways to enjoy cities, we get you involved. Our rides access authentic local communities, where you can contribute to their prosperity with your very own hands (and feet).

Ivy Trading Academy (ITA): ITA provides students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their trading skills and obtain a professional trading opportunity. ITA offers candidates the chance to trade and experiment in a simulated market. Candidates can access trade reports that they can submit to potential employers to demonstrate their trading acumen.

worldreport.me: A platform that allows news consumers to visualize and interact with international events (both past and present), connect with / follow individuals who share a similar perspective, and contribute to an organized and browsable body of accounts, pictures, and videos around a particular occurrence.

comparisign.com: Comparisign is a github for lawyers. We make it easy for lawyers to track changes sending their documents back and forth, and to e-sign the document once they’re ready. We also host the signed document for their records and future work.

Soukboard: Soukboard is your online marketing and sales assistant. Thousands of entrepreneurs are looking for tools to sell and comercialize their products. They also need to know how effective each marketing campaign is and how to improve them. Soukboard is their solution, a simple but powerful tool to improve online sales.

Luqit: Luqit is a media marketplace where companies can create, buy and trade cost-effective advertising campaigns. Our innovative web tool is based on a crowdsourced marketing platform that allows companies to take their most effective decisions regarding their media mix strategy, using real information available from previous customers experiences.

REbound Technology LLC: REbound’s energy storage system leverages water-based materials to deliver on-demand, boosted electrical generation for industrial facilities. The behind-the-meter system shifts electrical purchases to low cost periods while monetizing abundant150C waste heat. REbound’s fast payback finally provides the incentive to convert Chile’s low temperature waste heat into electricity.

Brickflow: Brickflow is a web-app for developing, discussing and sharing multimedia stories together on a virtual whiteboard. Think of it as Google Docs for multimedia.

Aiotra: Aiotra is a creative social platform for creating advertising content.We will deliver video and graphic content created by our creative community of writers, filmakers, animators, graphic designers, art directors and others, under a specific process.We offer talented creative people the unique opportunity to work with big brands.

Xkope: Xkope is the first global social network that actually teaches you how to network and develop quality connections across locations, countries and cultures, redefining the way people will use social networks in a global world.

TutumCloud: TutumCloud is an online decision support tool and service allowing organizations to objectively evaluate and monitor the security of Cloud Service Providers.

ApptheGame: ApptheGame is the intelligent app for sports fans. ApptheGame allows sports fans to engage with each other while delivering the relevant information that fans want, when they want it, from wherever they are. We are using mobile to disrupt how fans engage and consume sports.

MundoHablado.com: MundoHablado is a US company for the production and online broker of audiobooks, online courses and other downloadable digital content in English, Spanish and Portuguese to reach the Latin American market.

Mewe: Mewe is an online platform that enables people to book short-term volunteer travel packages. It’s for anyone who wants to spend their vacation time improving the lives of communities in need. In other words, Mewe is all about helping people have a holiday that matters.

Floost: Floost is a content discovery platform that helps users build a community around interests. Users find interesting content from publishers across the web or shared by fellow enthusiast. With its rich User Interface, staying abreast of whats happening or influencing through your passions was never this easy

keeZILLA – An intelligent keyword driven watch-list that will change the way you shop: An intelligent watch-list algorithm that will help you track products and services of your interest simply with the help of keywords; featuring powerful and customizable notification capabilities that will keep you informed of price changes, availability changes and similar or superior substitutes.