Word is out! 100 startups chosen for Start-Up Chile’s 7th Generation!


After receiving more than 1570 applications during the seventh application period that ended on April 9th, Start-Up Chile announces that 100 startup companies have been selected to be part of the world-recognized acceleration program’s seventh generation.

With arrival dates in July of 2013, the 100 chosen startups call 28 different countries home and represent a myriad of industries.

The most frequently represented countries are: USA (19%), Chile (18%), India (10%), and Argentina (7%). We are happy to welcome entrepreneurs coming from countries as diverse as Ukraine, Tanzania, Estonia and Romania!

IT & Enterprise Software is the most strongly identified industry (20% of the selected), which is then followed by e-commerce (15%) Mobile & Wireless (10%), and Education (10%). Remaining categories include Social Media, Healthcare & Biotechnology, Energy & Clean Tech, Social Enterprise and Tourism, among others.

Congrats to all fo you! Hope to meet you soon!


3Desk: 3Desk is an award-winning marketplace for face-to-face freelancers, with over 315,000 users worldwide

7pigs: A “github” for developing automated trading systems for Forex market that will allow retail traders to mimic sophisticated treading teams of financial markets using crowd sourcing.

AgentPanda: AgentPanda puts an end to the chaos of group-trip planning. Think of AgentPanda as the Basecamp for planning group trips.

Algramo: Business model focused as distribution channel of basic need products in bulk. Revolving around retail sale through dispenser machines in returnable packaging, reducing prices, responding to the problem of lack of liquidity in low-income families that cannot buy higher volume formats, combating poverty tax, further reducing the environmental packaging impact.

Animating Touch: “Creative suite for the “”touch generation””. Educational set of mobile apps for children that combines creating animations and composing music with visual programming to create interactive stories, simulations and even simple games on tablets.

Ant Intelligence, Inc.: Ant Intelligence collects and interprets data from buildings and infrastructure. Proprietary wireless sensor technology will be deployed to generate structural data. By intelligently processing this information, Ant will make these data useful for applications ranging from preventive maintenance to disaster management, and structural health inspection to big data geographic analytics.

Appetite+ Discover apps with friends: “Have you ever wondered what apps your friends have?  Or what apps they actually like? How about a better way to discover cool new apps? The answer to your questions has arrived. Appetite+ is a simple and fun way to discover and share apps with your friends.

Art Circle: Art Circle is a service that furnishes your house/apartment with new upcoming local art, such as paintings, furniture and other decorative items every month.  Art Circle’s goal is to grow art communities worldwide by exposing residents to local art culture, while enabling artists to make money doing what they love.

Azonia: Azonia is a B2B marketplace focused on generating leads for sales managers in Latin America. We connect corporate buyers with suppliers across different industries, while simplifying the process of requesting quotations and placing orders.

BABYBE, Be with your baby: Reestablishing the connection between the mother and her premature baby while he is inside the incubator machine

BeanJockey: BeanJockey is the smartest way to repay your loans. The online tool allows people to determine the best way to make extra payments on their credit cards, student loans, mortgages, and auto loans to save the most money possible in the long run.

 Bgifty: Bgifty is a novel app, which focuses on small-gifts of $10 or less.  By focusing on small gifting, Bgifty allows users to casually yet meaningfully recognize events in their friends’ lives with gestures of appreciation.  Gifts are local, relevant and convey a level of sentiment that goes beyond Facebook messages!

Bitrockr: Bitrockr lets users track and analyze all their personal data in one central platform, enabling them to make better-informed life decisions.

Bonuu! Loyalty: Bonuu! is a  web based SaaS loyalty system for SMB in Latin America. It gives the opportunity to create a personalized loyalty and relationship-marketing program in a simple and easy way. All into powerful system that automatically will improves the relationship between merchants and customers.

BoxFox: “BoxFox is a B2B marketplace for small retailers to appraise and liquidate excess merchandise to authorized resellers. The retailers’ products are automatically valued with proprietary software and then sold to resellers at discounted prices while charging both parties a small transaction fee and the resellers a tiered subscription fee.

CARGOBR: CARGOBR is an online tool that helps freight shippers to reduce their freight costs, and make the whole process faster and more practical. For carriers, we provide a load database that covers the entire national territory, helping to reduce the idle fleet.

Carte Blanche: Carte Blanche is an online, made-to-order dress brand.  We educate women on how to dress based on body shape, and we enable them to customize dress features to their personal style. Our dresses are designed to bring out the best in women, while hiding those places we’re unsure about.

 Cátedras Libres: “Cátedras Libres is a free community of collaborative Learning where people can learn through real-life classes.”

CLARED – Centro Latinoamericano de Resolución Electrónica de Disputas: CLARED will be the only non-governmental, accredited online dispute resolution center in Latin America. We support websites through third-party online dispute resolution systems and accredit websites as resolving disputes fairly, and we help them do so. We work with international organizations focusing on ecommerce and domain names disputes.

ClickMedix: ClickMedix provides “One-Click-Health”, we are the “INTELligence inside” mobile telemedicine and care management solutions to enable doctors to serve more patients in less time, and significantly reduce both the cost of providing high quality patient care and the wait time for effective treatment.

CloudCase: CloudCase is an app that lets mobile professionals access and fill paperwork, take photos and access/edit client files from their personal mobile devices, while syncing and collaborating in real-time with co-workers through cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

CoContest: “CoContest is a crowdsourcing platform for interior design, a marketplace between interior designers and customers. Customers can get many high quality projects for a fraction of the price offline”

 ComCarga.com: ComCarga.com is a subscription-based service designed specifically for the transportation industry and whose mission is to modernize the logistics and freight consolidation process by making it less costly and more time efficient.

Culture Stay: Culture Stay is the Airbnb for cultural experiences. We bring together travelers who want to experience unique, cultural experiences with people who provide these experiences by inviting travelers into their homes and teaching them about their culture.

DiceDeco: DiceDeco is an e-commerce company aiming to revolutionize the living room furniture market. Customers can build a 3D version of their dream sofa, virtually try it in any space, opine on new designs, invest and profit from production. We offer bespoke sofas at 70% discount by sourcing directly from manufacturers.

Double Doods: Double Doods develops loyalty and engagement white-label platforms for brands to incentivize and recognize their audience. Based on 3 social platforms with a common core: reward users for playing and sharing brand’s content in every Social Network.

 EDUCA.TEL: Our Company aims to strengthen the family-school partnership through the use of new technologies. “Educa.tel” is a highly interactive web-based platform for teachers, students and parents, which can be actually accessed from any electronic device at any time, enabling parents to be closely involved in their children education.

ENVIRON-METAL PROJECT: Design and implementation of an industrial process for extraction and recovery of precious metals in mining and electroplating activities, avoiding pollutant air emissions and hazardous waste and being more competitive than traditional methods. This is a strategic component for sustainable development and competitiveness of any country’s economy.

Epiclist: Epiclist captures all your achievements instantly into a mobile and beautiful journal. Live dreams, plan and capture your actions, collaborate with people around you. Whether your goal is the next marathon, road trip in New Zealand or a new world record, Epiclist helps you to achieve the fullest potential!”

Fabsie: Fabsie is an online product platform that aims to take advantage of new trends in the digitization of manufacturing through digital-to-physical production. Our platform is powered by designers and makers to create and deliver great products to customers. At the moment, we are focused solely on furniture.

Fashiondoo: We make it easy for women to get prettier. Women will no longer have to scratch their heads imagining how various apparels online look on them –they will see themselves with the clothes before paying.

Fiction Design: We are a design brand that creates decorative products based in literature and storytelling.

Filofy: FILOFY is a super-intuitive collaboration tool for collecting and sharing web content with your friends and colleagues. 

FITH Media Pvt. Ltd: We’re a mobile game developing company from India and we started out on January 2013. We have already launched four games with many others in the pipeline, and our first game “Slumdog Plumber and Pipes Puzzle” currently has 50,000+ downloads from Google Play alone in less than a month.

Gift Pinpoint: Gift-giving has not yet been revolutionized by the Internet; even less in Latin America. We’re leading the revolution, using our patent-pending technology to secretly show a gift recipient what someone wants to buy him/her, requesting approval. We personalize and print our own art gifts, resell other gifts, targeting weddings first

Green Biofactory:  We are Green Biofactory Ltda, a Chilean company which the main interest is create PROalgae®, a modified microalgae, that allows the production of proteins with commercial value in a large-scale system.

HackerHAND: Hacker Hand is an enterprise with the mission to create low cost technological education kits in the format “Do it yourself”. Our first commercial product is an acrylic robotic hand that can be built and programed by kids since 12 years old. 

Houdini: Houdini is a digital outsourcing platform that allows businesses to outsource repetitive tasks to crowds of workers over the web. Houdini curates anonymous crowdsourcing platforms like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk into groups of specialized workers who have been vetted for their competency at specific skills.

iBillionaire: iBillionaire is a mobile app that aims to help regular investors make smarter investment decisions by providing them with Investment Ideas from financial Billionaires. The app tracks the portfolios filed to the SEC of more than 10 billionaires, including Warren Buffett, Daniel Loeb, David Einhorn, and many more. 

InnovEco: InnovEco (Australia/ Chile) is an innovative technology provider. We offer a complex approach to various aspects of ion exchange technology and materials. Those include the processes of recovering valuable metals, removing toxic compounds, processing mining wastes, purifying drinking and industrial water and treating wastewater.

Inventarium: Inventarium is an in-app solution for mobile development companies. Your clients can talk to you, describe a problem, suggest new features. Let them take part in surveys. Turn them into your loyal customers and influence agents. Test your assumptions and increase it’s verification quality.

KaraokeSmart.co: KARAOKESMART is a cloud based karaoke song repository and song streaming management system for the Karaoke Industry, integrated to Mobile (Smartphones and Tablets) and SmartTV APPS with features like power search (artist, song title, lyrics, tune humming), song requests and orders. KARAOKESMART is the winner of Microsoft ImagineCUP 2013 Peru 

Kewen: Kewen helps you to increase your audience, traffic and engagement by adding real time social media conversation in your website in just a few minutes, to make Content and User Engagement Go Viral, without the need of setting up complex tools. 

Kiddie Kist: Kiddie Kist is a monthly subscription for busy parents who want to boost their child’s creativity and intelligence. When a customer subscribes, they get mini-games, e-Magazines and e-Books related to that month’s theme plus the option to get a box full of activities right for a child’s age. 

Kreyonic: We create activity based educational games for kids between 2 and 5 years that marry the physical and virtual worlds using smartphones and tablets.

KUNFOOD.com: KUNFOOD is a mobile personal waiter for restaurants and users to browse menus, order food items and drinks, review and order the check, call the waiter, etc. KUNFOOD records data and runs business intelligence algorithms for Customer Relationship Management and Benchmarking. KUNFOOD is available in iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. 

Lab4U: Lab4U creates low-cost scientific equipment connected to an online educational framework to visualize, analyze, share and build the school/university lab experience.

Linknovate: Linknovate is an online professional network for product innovation and R&D. 

LoHaria.com: LoHaria.com is website where regular people sell services at a fixed price of 10 bucks. 

Lynk: Lynk It´s an online service that allows you to update personal data simultaneously in several companies, through a platform that connects customers with companies at all levels. 

Manetch: Manetch is the first global platform for managers for targeted know-how and experience exchange based on a peer-to-peer matchmaking process. The personal priorities, challenges and experience are the basis for the matchmaking profile, which is used by the Manetch algorithm to identify the best fits for the users’ professional networks. 

Material Mix: Material Mix monetizes the trade of recyclables. Our mission is to become the global standard for sustainable materials management by providing:

– Marketplace efficiency and benchmark pricing

– Comprehensive, automated waste reporting

– Transactional security

– Standardized best practices for industrial resource management

– Connectivity among recycling stakeholders

Medikal.com: A knowledge-based professional networking platform focused on healthcare industry. 

EcoAlliance: EcoAlliance develops low-cost, solar power solutions for small-scale, off-grid applications

Motorpaneer:  Motorpaneer helps anxious buyers make an informed decision when buying a shiny New Car. The product uses an assortment of playful UI tools to learn more about their needs from a car. It then crunches automotive data behind the scenes and returns personalized recommendations and insights, in simple layperson language 

My Hood: Mobile phone application and web page for promoting neighborhood commerce, allowing users to find the best small neighborhood store according to their consumer necessities. 

Nafasi Systems: Off-grid distributed solar energy systems with a SMS mobile payments platform. We are bringing a for-profit approach towards tackling the issue of remote energy generation for the 1.4 billion globally that do not have access to power. 

Orb: Orb is like Salesforce for your personal network of friends and colleagues. We make marketers out of regular individuals who lack marketing skills, targeting ability, and time to create quality direct response campaigns. Orb’s combines direct-response with targeting, and referrals to help consumers activate their personal networks into activity hives. 

PeopleHunt: A mobile messaging app for knowledge exchange. That sounds broad, but the plan is to start with the language exchange community, and then branch out to other knowledge areas that we’ve seen our users attempting to exchange. 

Pinocular: Pinocular is a map-based aggregator for the vacation rental industry powered by social recommendations and activity discovery tool. It makes easy for travelers to discover destinations based on things they like to do. It allows homeowners to manage all rental ads via single interface and makes synchronization process effortless 

Plasticity Recycling: Plasticity Recycling develops a low-capital drop-in solution to produce recycled, food-grade plastic domestically. Our product, a novel plastic recycling machine, will be implemented in Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) that recycle plastic waste and turn it into food-grade pellets, the commodity used primarily to make plastic bottles. 

Plexx: Plexx will be the career-training platform for the world. Through the mobile portal young people will learn career skills to obtain a job and build a career. Plexx will connect similar learners and place critical skill building content in the hands of every youth. 

Pogoapp: We’re a new Platform-as-a-Service based on buildpacks, git deployments, the Heroku REST API, and S3-compatible scalable storage. Developers can run web apps in any language as well as SQL/NoSQL databases, caching, stats and other backend infrastructure, all using the same process for builds/deployments and the same simple pricing scheme. 

Polyfunctional Rehabilitation Equipment (P.R.E) P.R.E: Is a small unit, which can be transformed in 5 equipment, all of them necessary for the proper rehabilitation of disabled people. This structure is cheaper than buying each equipment by separated, it has minimal space requirement, it’s easy to assemble and can be used in rehabilitation centers and homes.

Preggers: Preggers is the world’s first mobile social network for women who are pregnant or plan to get pregnant 

Profitek: A web-based service that allows online stores access to real-time information about prices of their competitors, helping them identify wrong priced products and take immediate action by modifying prices directly in the platform. Besides, stores can access several price analytics reports increasing visibility and therefore, increasing sales and margin. 

Project e[X]: Project e[x] addresses the unresolved power needs of classrooms in the developing world. Our portable power supply device will power up affordable tablets & other basic classroom equipment. Our mission: Bring classroom technology back to relevance in these countries. We recently signed an agreement to field test prototypes in 2013. 

Pump!: Pump! is a Chilean company dedicated to design and develop lab equipment for investigation, analysis and medical diagnostic in hospitals and universities of our country and the world. Our goal is to improve the user experience, with cool and easy-to-use lab equipment, and the lab productivity, with smart connective equipment.

Rawbots: Rawbots is a robot crafting sandbox game where players can design, build and even program their very own robots. Our game is highly innovative and provides very strong educational value. 

re.nooble: re.nooble helps you save money and energy. With smart algorithms and user recommendations, we find the best renewable energy solutions for your home. 

RetiDiag: RetiDiag allow primary health care centers to screen diabetic patients and detect diabetic retinopathy at low cost by using retinal picture and telemedicine evaluation. After detection patient can access to its government guaranteed treatment opportunity for prevent blindness.

Reverbeo: Reverbeo helps businesses grow their global audience by using game changing technology to reduce the time, cost and effort of building and delivering multilingual websites.

RxAnalytics: RxAnalytics’ predictive analytics technology is the next big step in the self-quantified health improvement. We move the needle from mapping past data to providing real insight and personalized recommendations that help both individual and provider make individual-specific decisions for better health and wellness outcomes. 

Secpanel, Inc: Secpanel is a one-click security tool for cloud servers. It is easy, effective and takes 60 seconds to install. It does not require technical knowledge to use. It allows server owners to manage security for their servers from a single dashboard 

Senp: Senp is a marketplace for IT development. Publish projects and access qualified professionals around the globe in an integrated social environment. It’s safe; it’s simple and free. Be yourself with social sign in, make or receive payments and freely communicate in the new social network for work 3.0 

Sentropi: Sentropi is the solution to problem of reliable online identification! Using unique Device Fingerprinting technology, combined with state of the art, highly durable tagging methods, Sentropi creates the next generation of online identification measures 

ShelfReader: Our ‘Augmented Reality’ system allows interaction as users look  ‘through’ their iPad or iPhone.  Our first product is “ShelfReader” which dramatically increases productivity for librarians; books can be quickly shelved and lost books located.  Our other application is factories and mines to interact with dangerous equipment from a distance.

Sighter: Sighter is an urban treasure hunt game, where you can play hide and seek with interesting sights, by taking and sharing photos with your smartphone. This result in a game, which is a unique blend of Pinterest, Geocaching, foursquare and Instagram – turning sightseeing into a fun and playful experience 

Smart Media Inventions – “Website in one day”: “Website in one day” is a new service of Smart Media Inventions, which focuses on small-sized businesses and micro companies to establish their web presence in a fast, easy, economical and professional manner.

Solocontrata.me: Justcontract.me provides information, data analysis and bidding tools to companies in order to discover, bid and win public and private contracts worldwide.

SportID: SportID is an online wellness benefit management tool for companies, helping their employees to become more productive and healthy.

TableGrabber: TableGrabber is the Expedia for Restaurants! We provide restaurants with a cloud based Global Distribution System, which allows them to market their table availability in real-time with dynamic pricing. We bring revenue management along with real-time reservation to the restaurant industry.

Teamisto: Teamisto is a revolutionary social media platform + mobile app that makes sports team management SIMPLE. We have a highly engaged user base of coaches + players, and using the power of this crowd and social media integration we give businesses sponsors a far greater return on investment.

TellMi: TellMi is an app that offers free messages and calls between people and businesses, making communication between parties extremely fast, comfortable and totally free. TellMi is the Line for the B2C sector, reducing communications costs and maximizing efficiency by using Mobile IM and VoIP to disrupt the telecommunications industry.

The Innovation Arb: The Innovation Arb is an online platform that helps non-profits grow Ideas into Mission-Driving Projects. Visualization, focused structure, collaboration, and expert questions guide Ideas through the ambiguity that precedes Project Management. Ultimately, this will increase the number of Good Ideas that become Mission-Driving Projects.

The IQ Collective: The IQ Collective brings the best education solutions to the least connected schools. Our global hub empowers school leaders to collaborate with one another and connects them to learning, technology, and finance solutions. We go the last mile so millions of school leaders can impact the future of their students.

theSedge.org: theSedge.org helps non-profit organizations build successful social enterprises to help fund their social programs. This global online platform connects organizations with the community, talent, and education they need to close their funding gaps, so they can spend less time chasing money, and more time chasing change!

Ticket Hoy: Ticket Hoy is “”Hotel Tonight”” for live concerts of Latin America.It is a mobile app to buy tickets of theatrical and musical spectacles of your city, for the same day and with good discount.

TINTTO: Manage your business in a simple, fast and flexible way. At anytime and from everywhere. Visualize and analyze in real time all your accounting and managerial information. TINTTO is a global solution for your small business; a complete electronic invoicing tool that it’s integrated into a powerful business dashboard.

Top Trainer: 83% of personal trainers and their clients now use smartphones. Trainers use this technology to communicate with clients, but it’s still time-consuming, sporadic and limited. Top Trainer is an online tool for personal trainers to easily connect with clients between sessions, systemize their business and keep clients coming back.

TradeGig: TradeGig is the newest crowdsourced trade market where you trade services for free or just collect free points to get the services you want.

TrendingGames: We develop and project video games using “TRENDING TOPICS” as narrative and top lines. We meet the need to be updated for the user that does not just seek information, but also interaction. Our fast production line allows us to develop current games or as we call them…Trending Games!

TRIXandTRAX LLC: In TRIXandTRAX users become aggregators of Youtube videos that they share through virtual worlds where they compete to attract audiences

Tutoriffic: Tutorrific is a next-generation online learning platform linking programmers and aspiring programmers with experts for real-time, 1:1 tutoring, mentorship, and help getting unstuck when they hit an obstacle. Tutorrific also makes it easy for expert programmers to earn money and recognition while helping others.

Valhalla Energy: Unique pumped hydro storage facility using the ocean as a lower reservoir, combined with solar PV to create consistent, clean power

Vendobots: Vendobots is a reimagination of the vending machine service. We merge the vision of what automated vending should be in the 21st century with the benefits of mobile apps. We offer a wide array of non-traditional products to consumers wrapped in attractive machine design.

Wanna Migrate: Wanna Migrate is the first immigration platform that allows the user to identify countries where he is allowed to live and work.  Using the Points-Based Immigration System, the service is able to pair high skilled professionals with countries experiencing skill shortages.

Wisdom.ly: Wisdom.ly is a micro-course platform that blends a speaker series with expert led group video discussions to offer an educational experience that is centered on engagement and collaboration

Worldwide Mobile Donations: Collecting money for charity from cell phones outside the USA is close to impossible for most NGOs. We are creating the Paypal of mobile donations where charitable NGOs can register and receive donations billed to the donors’ cell phone in over 80+ countries worldwide, no credit card required to donate.

XCommodity: XCommodity is an online commodities market and auction house. It has been designed to complement and enhance the movement of commodities across continents and balance global supply and demand for raw materials with the goals and needs of developing economies.