Why Should Startups Focus on Website Structure and Local SEO to Earn the Desired Outcome?

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Every business start-up aspires to make it big someday and to achieve the goal they have to embrace SEO right from the conceptual stage.  No matter whether it is an online e-commerce business or it is a local store, SEO is must for both.

by Derek Iwasiuk


There used to be a time when SEO was too much technical, but now it requires lesser digital knowledge and more of marketing acumen to implement it effectively. Today, it is not only essential to create a web entity for business, but you must ensure the highest visibility so that it frequently figures during online searches.  For meeting the target, you have to make the best use of SEO that can catapult your business to new heights. It all depends on how well you can manipulate the SEO features to your advantage that results in high visibility.

Among various SEO tactics, businesses have to ensure two basic things to reap the rewards of search engine optimization. Since we are talking about startups, the focus would be on the local market. It means that the focus should be on local SEO.   The second objective to fulfill regardless of the business size is that one has to ensure that the website has a solid structure that can carry the SEO towards a meaningful destination. How you can do, would become clear on reading this article.

Stay tuned for local searches

To decide on how to approach local SEO, you must have a clear idea about the way Google displays local search results.  You will observe that search engines give a lot of emphasis to the location of the business in the search results. It is quite rational on their part to help users locate the exact place of business that could drive searchers to the place. However, the search engines keep continuously refining the presentation of search results, which changes frequently and might sometime appear confusing. To succeed with local SEO, you must build the campaign upon the three main pillars – local listings and citations followed website content and reviews about the company and products. In the following paragraphs, you would get idea about the strategies to adapt to gain higher visibility that drives more traffic to the website.

Citations and local listings optimization

Since the objective is to dominate the local listings, you have to target the highest number of citations in the right category.  To achieve the goal, it is vital to ensure that there is complete consistency in the information provided especially the name, address and phone number that has to remain the same wherever it appears.  Known as NAP (name, address and phone number), the more consistent it remains, the greater trust it garners and adds to the credibility of the business. If the data differs at various places, it raises suspicion among users who start doubting the genuineness of the establishment. NAP is also essential for earning a place in Google Maps, and it helps in search rankings as it vouches for the legitimacy of the business.

The extent of listings you want to enroll with would decide the methodology of doing it. You can do the listings and citations on your own manually if the listings that you target are not much extensive, and even the business competition is less. For doing it on a bigger scale, you have to hire some resources to do it for you. The competition that your business faces would decide the extent of listing that could provide the advantage that you are looking for.

Reviews are important

 You must give due emphasis to reviews about your business and products that appear online because the majority of buyers in the local market rely on reviews before making any purchasing decision. Besides driving traffic to the website, reviews also facilitate search rankings by pushing it upwards. Reviews are especially important for businesses offering services although product reviews are also much sought after.  It is a good idea to take measures to encourage customers so that they post genuine reviews, which speak about both the good and bad.  Reviews need constant monitoring and depending on the content; you have to respond to it to display your good intentions, especially if it is a negative review.  A timely response would help to prevent any damage to the credibility of the business.

Create Content with local flavors

Since the focus is on the local market, create content that has local flavors that help to connect with the audience almost instantly.  ‘Near me’ is a phrase that dominates local searches and you must capitalize on it during optimization. Make sure that the content is relevant to the local market and to maintain a steady flow of content you can even tie up or buy a local website or blog that serves your purpose. Having done with the local needs of optimization, it is time to turn to the website to derive the necessary mileage in marketing.

Pay attention to site structure

The website structure comprising of graphics that include colors, fonts, images and other visual elements needs special attention to ensure that the website appeals to viewers and generate positive vibes. The website design must have a logical structure that appeals to the cognitive senses of viewers and meets their expectations.  Ensure that the website has a strong logical structure that satisfies viewers so that it appears attractive to them which automatically gains the attention of search engines too. Longer engagement and reduced bounce rates are the results of properly structured web design.

Improved crawling

When the website design has a sound structure, it facilitates crawling by the search engine spiders that continuously hover on websites in search of fresh content. The site structure plays a major role in guiding the spiders to the right locations of the website so that there is nothing left uncovered during crawling. This ensures better indexing which in turn positively affects the search rankings.

Paying attention to the above would pave the way for better SEO performance that would seem so easy to achieve.

Author Bio – Derek Iwasiuk is a professional SEO blogger who runs his own blog and writes extensively on SEO techniques. He has the experience of working with the best SEO agency. You can also find him on Linkedin.