Who is getting some press love this week?


TripCommon is all about connecting friends living in different places and helping them out to plan mini-breaks together. They won THack London 2012 this week, and it was all thanks to the API provided by LocalGuiding!  Read more about it, HERE (June, 29th)

Ian Ozsvald, founder of StrongStream, got interviewed by BBC News about his decision of moving to Chile instead of keep trying to raise funds in the U.K.  Because to get someone to support your startup in Europe became so difficult, Ian decided to apply to Start-Up Chile and now everything is going smoothly. “I will be going back to the UK, but if the funding situation there doesn’t change, I will have to look for money in other places,” he told BBC. Read more about it HERE (June 29th)

Simon Astaburuaga gets media attention from La Segunda for his crowdfunding system, the first platform in Chile to fund projects between users. Astaburuaga’s system aims to help entrepreneurs find the necessary funding to create their businesses. Read it HERE (June 27th, article in Spanish).

El Austral gives Start-Up Chile some love by announcing that we’re now accepting applications (until July 10th) from entrepreneurs interested in starting their businesses in Chile! Read it HERE (June 27th, article in Spanish)

Jennifer Turliuk‘s experience at Start-Up Chile helped her get on the right career path! She wrote some great career advice for those who are stuck in jobs they hate, and shared it with Forbes. Read it HERE (June 27th).

Pro Araucania helped spread the word that Start-Up Chile is looking for 100 new entrepreneurs, and is accepting applications until July 10th. If you’re interested in learning about the application process, take a look at this article! Read it HERE (June 26th, article in Spanish).

Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs travel far and wide to discuss their innovative ideas! You can watch videos of  the entrepreneurs who visited the Communications Department at University of Austral in Argentina. Watch and read it HERE (June 25th, article in Spanish).

Even after returning to New York, Daniel Melo relies on his head designer who lives in Chile (the two met during Start-Up Chile program). He gives Start-Up Chile lots of love in Killer Startups article! Read it HERE (June 25th).

Claudio Carnino, a Start-Up Chile alumni, continues to be a successful innovator. His startup, Fanchimp, a company that enables businesses to find potential customers through Facebook, has received some media attention in Eduamericas. Read it HERE (June 25th, article in Spanish).

Matías Sjögren‘s Biofilter technology is helping clean polluted water all around the world! Sjögren’s next stop will be Africa; the World Bank asked him to share his bioreactor for the treatment of sewage. Read about it HERE! (June 24th, article in Spanish).

Students from the University of La Frontera happily welcomed 24 entrepreneurs from Start-Up Chile who ignited an entrepreneurial spirit in the classroom. Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs mentored students and talked about their various business plans. An enriching learning experience indeed! Read about it HERE (article in Spanish).

A big congratulations to Edoome for being a winner of Applicate, an initiative which honors the best web applications that solve social problems! Edoome seeks to close the gap between public and private education. Read more HERE (June 22nd, article in Spanish).

Jeff and Mike, the talented Americans behind Edmond.cl, shared their opinions about entrepreneurship and South America with Emerging Market Careers.com. It is a great interview to read if you are thinking of moving to Latin America to start a business…or if you are still puzzled by all these “gringos” moving to Chile in order to be successful! Read the piece, HERE (June 21st)

It looks like Pulso Social can´t get enough of Start-Up Chile´s startups. We didn´t see this piece before, but Club Point is being followed closely by Stanford University. Club Point is now a Case Study for them. Why? Well, because their strategy seems to be really more effective than the methods used by competitors on the e-commerce world. Read more about it, HERE (May 31st)

Taggify keeps geeting media love! On Thursday, a piece on Tu Emprendes TV got aired and it is now available at La Tercera Online´s TV section. The team behind Taggify is advising those who want to be entrepreneurs on the web. Watch the video below!

Kuddos to Klooff who can´t stop getting press! On Monday, The Daily Mail wrote a story suggestively titled “You own a chihuahua? Then you’re dumb but hot: What your dog says about you to the opposite sex.” We don’t think we need to elaborate any further, so just read the piece HERE (June 25th). Klooff also got featured by Time.com, yes! and you can read it HERE!  (June 20th).