Who is coming to Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day?


We have a traffic-stopping list of speakers for our upcoming Demo Day, scheduled for May 23rd at GAM (details here). Learn more about them!

Hernán Kazah: Argentine, Kazah is an alumni of Stanford´s University Graduate School of Business, and co-founder at MercadoLibre.com. He is now an investor on startup companies, and a strong supporter of young people with great ideas.

Bedy Yang: A Brazilian based in San Francisco, Bedy looks for international startups and partners for 500 Startups. She also is the founder of Brazil Innovators, an organization that hopes to create an entrepreneurial environment in Brazil. She is interested on spreading an entrepreneurship mindset to all of LatAm.
Arne van Oosterom is the founder of Design Thinkers, one of the world’s leading “design driven” innovation consultant agency, helping organizations to create brands, products, customer experience, among others. Hailing from Amsterdam, van Oosterom has managed to make an impact in changing many folks´mindsets, including those in the entrepreneurship industry.
Bridgette Sexton: Bridgette’s role in Google Ventures is to help them improve their relationship with entrepreneurs everywhere. She led Google’s efforts to introduce their services in Africa, creating programs accessible to startups and businesses, allowing them to contribute to innovation and content generation on the web. Her passion and global experience have been devoted to strengthen these programs and find interesting startups all around the world.
Jonathan Nelson: Nelson is the founder of the largest community of technical founders in Silicon Valley, where he is based. His mission is to help out the hundreds of garage-based startups to grow into successful companies, while helping founders become successful entrepreneurs.