Where is the #SUPBoat today?


Today, the #SUPBoat looks more like a spaceship than like a boat: Start-Up Chile is hosting 9 meetups today. That´s right, 9! Because it might be hard to keep up with them on our meetup site, we´ll give you details here. So, where is the #SUPBoat going today?

1. SUPBoat Uruguay: Universidad Católica de Uruguay Avda. 8 de Octubre 2738 , Montevideo. Wed Jun 13, 1:00 PM. More HERE

2. SUPBoat Montevideo Valley: Club del Expositor ( LATU)Av. Bolivia, Montevideo. Wed Jun 13, 3:00 PM. More HERE

3. SUPBoat San Francisco With Hackers & Founders: Pizza and Pipes821 Winslow, Redwood City, CA, California, CA. Wed Jun 13
6:00 PM. More HERE

4. SUPBoat Belo Horizonte: Salomé BarRua Passa Tempo 335, Carmo, Belo Horizonte. Wed Jun 13 6:30 PM. More HERE

5. SUPBoat Arica: Bar Así SeaSan Marcos 251 ( Costado Catedral), Arica. Wed Jun 13, 7:00 PM. More HERE

6. SUPBoat Madrid: Tetuan ValleyBravo Murillo 244, Madrid, Madrid. Wed Jun 13 7:00 PM. More HERE

7. SUPBoat Concepción: Pub TauroOngolmo 78 , Concepción. Wed Jun 13, 7:30 PM. More HERE

8. SUPBoat Puerto Montt: Bar HakaRancagua 196, Puerto Montt. Wed Jun 13, 7:30 PM. More HERE

9. SUPBoat Santiago: Start-Up Chile HQ – CMIProvidencia 229, Providencia, Santiago. Wed Jun 13, 7:30 PM. More HERE

Quite a few meetups, huh? We´ll be uploading pics constantly!