What´s up, Start-Up Chile? (press)


Gary Urteaga, brilliant mind behind Cine Papaya, wrote about how to get your pitch ready for an event like a Demo Day. Gary did great a few days ago at  TNWs Best of Accelerators Startup Battle in Brazil, achieving the second place among more than 115 startups. He is, obviously, good at pitching. Now that everyone is working so hard on these skills, its great that Gary took some time to share tips. FayerWayer published his post.

La Segunda published all of the #SUPWeek calendar. Awesome news for us, as we want as much attendees as possible! Diario Emprendimiento posted about the SUPWeek as well, and even the SUP staff got some love from them. Which we *really* appreciate!

Folks at Technology Review wrote an interesting piece commenting on different options for those who need a little help with their startup in LatinAmerica. They comment on Wayra and then go on to highlight what we have been doing here at Start-Up Chile. They wrote we have “achieved something unique: put a country known by its raw materials on the map of innovation.” We´d love it if that´s true! History will decide.

Start-Up Chile, más allá de sus logros y desafíos, ha conseguido algo único: colocar un país conocido sobre todo por sus materias primas (es el principal productor y exportador mundial de cobre) en el mapa del emprendimiento a nivel mundial. No es poca cosa para inspirar a otros.


TechCrunch published Flurry´s study on the adoption of mobile devices, and the numbers for Chile are impressive. This tiny little country accounts was listed second in the study, with a growth of 279% year-over-year growth. What´s best for us though, and pretty much brings tears to our eyes, is what they wrote next: “The South American country has proven itself to be quite a startup hub (thanks in part to innovation-friendly government programs like Startup Chile), and it’s shaping up to be quite a mobile hotspot to boot. You developers paying attention?”

So, there you go: You developers paying attention? Come here already! apply to Start-Up Chile by the end of September!

Arriendas.cl is about to be launch and making headlines already! This team is bringing car sharing to Chile. Those without a car will be able to rent one for a few hours a week, and those with car will have a few bucks per month. Such a win-win situation, we can´t wait for Arriendas.cl to launch!

Chrysalis, the incubator at PUCV University, in Valparaíso, is publishing about the SUPWeek: we really hope that means many folks from Valparaíso will be traveling here and attend our many workshops and events!

Efizity made headlines at Publimetro because of their awesome performance at GreenStartup, a contest organized by Fundación Chile and Universidad del Desarrollo. Efizity won the second place in the competition thanks to their awesome idea helping people consume less energy.

America´s Society /Council of the Americas is getting interested in SUP as well. We love it!

Suppers behing TOHL launched their crowdfunding campaigns this week, and they are making headlines EVERYWHERE. just a few samples here: you can read about them at Forbes,   La Nación.cl, Kitn.net (in Persian!), Right This Minute.com, The Economic Times (India), Calgary Herald, Singularity University´s blog, and just so many places we can´t even keep track of their appearances! Good job, team!