What´s that buzz all about?


Helena Virtual Assistant is one of the startups joining our SUP family this month. They just got here but are already making some noise in their home country´s press! Read about them at El Comercio

Suppers began making noise in the media as soon as the week got started.  Cranberry Chic, part of Start-Up Chile´s 5th generation, got featured by El Mercurio. They will be launching in March.

Safer Taxi raised USD $4.2 MM! They will invest this capital to improve their service and to expand across Brazil and Chile! Read more about it at El Mercurio and Revista Qué Pasa.

Dentalink also got mentioned by Qué Pasa since this Chilean startup raised capitals from a Chilean angel investor. Read about it, here!

CinePapaya.com got featured at LUN! Kuddos to SUP alumni!

Admetricks keeps publishing awesome studies on online advertisement. Check out what they do and never again loose a penny because you put it on the wrong website.

Pic by NS Newsflash on Flickr (cc)