What are you doing on Wednesday? Put Start-Up Chile´s meetup in your calendar!


Join Marcelo and Agustina, two entrepreneurs with health and wellness startups who are willing to show how technology is changing their markets and “how the evolution of technology changed the industry… from the doctors perspective to the big wellness companies”.

Want to know more about them? Marcelo Grebois Born in Buenos Aires, studied physics and computer science, dedicated most of its free time as developer for open source projects. Worked since he was 15 in multinational IT companies and spoked in several conference as IT security specialist. Started BuscoTurno, incubated at Start-Up Chile, a very ambitious project that intents to become the standard in the healthcare industry. www.linkedin.com/in/grebois

Agustina Sartori was Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Telematics Engineer, worked in several Tech Companies including a Start-Up what impulsed the creation of her own Startup. Co-Funder of AdviceMeTech (supported by the Uruguayan Government, Microsoft, University of Montevideo, CUTI and Start-Up Chile), develop a solution for the cosmetic industry: a software advisor and virtual tester of makeup which enhaces user experience and sensations.

WHEN?  Wednesday, August 1, 2012, 7:00 PM

WHERE? Centro Movistar Innova (CMI) Providencia 229, Santiago

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Pic by katerha on Flickr (cc)