What are we up to this week?


You know the drill. Here is were we keep an eye on all the Start-Up Chile media appearances of the week.

Babelverse has been nominated for The Europas! You´ll see them listed under “Best Business, Recruitment or Enterprise Startup” at The Next Web! 

Tara Roberts, the talented entrepreneur behind Girltank, got her startup featured in the last print edition ever of Newsweek magazine, now on stands! They won the Mothers of Invention award, which is sponsored by Newsweek, Toyota and the Daily Beast. You can read all about it HERE! 

Writers at Credit Suisse are asking themselves “Is Chile Latin America´s Answer to Silicon Valley?”. We say, “yes, we are that and way more!”. Read the piece, HERE. 

Agustina Sartori, the creative soul behind Advice Me Tech, decided to share what has her Start-Up Chile experience meant via a written piece on El Observador, from Uruguay. To read her piece in Spanish, click here!

Admetricks launched at got featured by Webprendedor, Terra and  Zapping Latam! Congrats for launching such a useful tool for those in marketing! Spending on web ads that don´t generate any clicks? Fear no more…

Pick by Binuri Ranasinghe on Flickr (cc)