What are they saying about me? Suppers in the press!


Chris Campbell, founder at Review Trackers, published at FayerWayer a Spanish version of one of his Forbes articles. The piece is about “Founder Divorce”. I´m sure you know what we mean. Read it here as “9 lecciones de vida tras divorciarme de mi socio de negocios”. Arriba!

Ombushop got featured at Emol. Chileans are learning that with Ombushop, everyone can get an online store, no need to be a programmer!

The SUPGirls rock it! Pulso Social published a piece about the female entrepreneurs we all need to keep an eye on. Congrats to Mika Herrera, Maritza Lanas, Anne-Sophie Dutat and Alejandra Negrete for their awesome work! Read about them, here.

Shreekant Pawar, founder of Diabeto, shared his experience as a supper for YourStory.in. If you want to apply to Start-Up Chile, make sure to read from an insider! The piece is here.

Horacio Melo was asked on Terra to speak about how important the internet is for entrepreneurs of all kinds. Read it here!

Chris Campbell, from Review Trackers, published his first blog post at Forbes! It´s titled “Founder Divorce: Nine Lessons From When My Business Partner Jumped Ship”. I´m sure you can learn from it!

Killer Startups got access to our Intro Day, when the newest generation pitches internally, and they wrote an awesome piece. If you are curious about what an everyday at SUP looks like, check out their piece!

Escapes With You is featured at Vistazo.com and SinImanes got some attention from LASB!

On Thursday, November 29th, we announced the 105 new startups accepted as part of the Start-Up Chile family! TechCrunch commented on that on  the previously mentioned blog post, and the Chilean press kept its eyes on the announcement as well. The application results were mentioned at Publimetro, Innovación.

Felipe Millán, founder at Biletu.com, is at Le Web Paris, and got interviewed about his cool startup for OrangeCorporate and grabbed the attention of the Spaniard blogosphere!

Chilean suppers behind Phage Technologies are featured at Diario Financiero!

TOHL won the Judges Choice award at Common Pitch here in Santiago last Saturday and This is Chile is talking about it! Innovación.cl and Santiago Times are joining the conversation.

Phorce reached their Kickstarter goal and it made news at Wired and Venture Beat!