What are suppers up to this week? Start-Up Chile Demo Day in San Francisco


Demo Day San Francisco made it to TechCrunch! If you couldn´t make it to San Francisco, you can read about each of the 21 startups on Frederic Lardinois words! We loved how they  highlighted how we aren´t “just trying to attract Chilean entrepreneurs” but “making a concerted effort to attract companies from around the world.” That´s what Start-Up Chile is all about: different backgrounds coming together to create better companies!

Our San Francisco Demo Day was a great opportunity to talk face to face with amazing entrepreneurs, reporters, investors. Some of this conversations turned into awesome blog posts, such as those posted on TechCrunch about Pick1 raising $1 Million dollars. As detailed by the founders, the investment is lead by ChileGlobal Angels, and among the investors are Oliver Flogel, former CEO of Telefonica Chile; Jordi Ferrer, former head of digital at TNS Global; Wilson Pais, head of innovation of Microsoft and Gonzalo Begazo, former Finance Manager of Google. Read more about them HERE.

Wallwisher was showing off their new web application, and Romain Dillet from TechCrunch commented on it. Wallwisher has more than 400,000 users who can “write, collaborate and share content on an empty canvas.” Read more about them HERE

Alex Williams, from TechCrunch, spent some time talking to Horacio Melo at DisruptSF, and posted about Start-Up Chile attracting talent from all over the world thanks to what he defined as “cooperation” from the Chilean government. The piece highlights how Start-Up Chile takes no equity of the 40k seed capital it provides to startups, and how we help entrepreneurs with everything related to visas. Alex did a good job researching the Chilean ecosystem for startups and concluded the SUP mission is working. You can read about it HERE.

Demo Day San Francisco keeps making headlines in Chile. LUN is posting about suppers and their awesome adventure, and they took the time to comment on Motion Displays, Chefsurfing, and The Social Radio. Demo Day San Francisco also made it to Estrategia and Publimetro. Just rockin´it, friends.

Horacio went on TV so everybody knows about Start-Up Chile participants heading off to San Francisco for the first Demo Day we are hosting over there! Watch Horacio on CNN Chile HERE (Skip to 4.30). El Mercurio also joined the conversation and published about suppers rocking San Francisco on Sept 13th! Only thing we can do is to shout louder, go suppers! Read about them on El Mercurio, here.

Digital Trends featured WeHostels, highlighting how this startup “takes on the space between Couchsurfing and Airbnb.” Read the piece HERE or just make sure to visit San Francisco on September 13th for Start-Up Chile´s DemoDaySF!

Babelverse has a lot to share this week. Not only they scored an investment with 500 startups, but they also announced a partnership with TechCrunch to translate Disrupt SF.  This will make Disrupt SF available in 12 languages, you can follow the proceedings live in your own language. Congrats to Babelverse! Read more about it HERE! 

Nicolás Palacios, brilliant mind behind E-pig games, got featured as well this week. They got described as an “adventurous app”. We guess that´s a good thing! Read about them HERE. 

ComparTV keeps making headlines in Uruguay. They are now on TV! Chefsurfing got featured by Diario Estrategia. They are for sure ready to conquer the world one chef at a time

Suppers have been writing about what they know about, sharing their experiences and expertise so other entrepreneurs can join this revolution knowing as much about the field as possible. David Urmann, founder of Touristlink.com,  worte at Social Media Today about our use of Pinterest. Read about it HERE. 

Diario Estrategia is also joining the conversation about startups, tech, and entrepreneurship. We are thrilled to see how the media is starting to catch up here is Chile. They have featured Miro Analytics, ChefSurfing, and TomoClases. We hope there is many more to come!

“The problem to solve is already identified” says Maca Lara-Dillon at Pulso Social, “there are several LatAm startups trying to hit the right spot”. One of those is Tomo Clases, where you can share what you know about and get classes about what you don´t. Make sure to read Maca´s piece HERE, Tomo Clases gets a lot of attention, you can read about them in several blogs. Anna Heim also wrote about them on The Next Web

El problema a resolver ya está identificado y varios son los emprendimientos latinoamericanos que  buscan dar  ” en el clavo”

Last week, TechCrunch published a study about growing markets for iOS and Android, and gave a pretty nice shout to to Start-Up Chile when they wrote that Chile “has proven itself to be quite a startup hub (thanks in part to innovation-friendly government programs like Startup Chile), and it’s shaping up to be quite a mobile hotspot to boot. You developers paying attention?”. So, are you. developers? Read the piece HERE.