What about the Start-Up Chile experience as a whole?


“Alright! I´m applying to Start-Up Chile and I´m committed to turn my startup into a 1 billion dollars company. But wait–I´m moving to Chile. How´s life going to be over there? And what about the people in the Start-Up Chile community? How´s my life gonna be like from now on? Oh, gosh: how am I going to do this?”

Sounds familiar? We bet it does. Most of our readers these days might be considering to apply to Start-Up Chile –maybe they already did! and its ok to have hundreds of questions dancing in your mind.  Moving to a new country takes guts, just as much as starting a new business does.

In the next few days, we´ll be sharing with you some stories of people who conquered fear and decided to move forward and create their own business with the support of Start-Up Chile. The Start-Up Chile family, specially the staff, is here to make it all easy, inspiring, and fun. This is an adventure. Living up to all your potential is an adventure. Creating is an adventure.

Entrepreneurs, welcome!

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