Welcoming JUNAR to Start-Up Chile

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Slightly less than a month after the arrival of Amit and Nicolas from CruiseWise, Javier, the CTO of Junar.com has been incorporated  as the second team to take part in the 2010 Start-Up Chile program.

Javier, an Argentinian computer programmer, came up with the idea for Junar nearly four years ago when he noticed a gaping discord between online search results and relevant corresponding information.  He decided to take it into his own hands and began to research into how this disconnect could be solved and henceforth put into practical, everyday use.  In doing this, he conglomerated several data trends such as DaaS (data as a service), SaaS (software as a service), Wikis and social networks/social media.  Javier then discovered that, by compounding these sources, information could be made to tailor exactly what one is searching for without having to swim through seas of useless information.   Once this base was molded, he added Diego and André to his team and, just like that, Junar was born.

Now they are hoping to scale Junar to a level where all internet users can benefit from their innovative approach to data acquisition.  Not to mention, one of their most captivating tools is the “smart” spreadsheet that allows a user to search and input data without leaving their Excel spreadsheet, thus removing the copy/paste annoyance.  To try Junar for yourself, click here.

Joining Javier in Chile this Saturday is André, another Junar business partner, who hails from San Jose, Costa Rica and is in charge of business development and product management.  And, like many of the Start-Up Chile participants, Junar will be looking for local Chilean talent to add to their already stellar team.   The positions they are seeking are as follows:

Front-end Web Developer

Back-end Web Developer

Microsoft Sr. SW Architect and Developer, Junar

Make sure to check back frequently for more information about the Junar’s process throughout the Start-Up Chile program.

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