Welcoming Greece to the Startup Revolution


April 15th marked the launching of yet another governmentally backed startup program, following in Chile’s steps, seeking to boost innovation and create a national entrepreneurship environment– this time, in Greece.

Funded by the Greek Government and by the European Union, Startup Greece is “a digital information and networking space aimed at giving way to a new generation of entrepreneurs in Greece, bringing together people and ideas and changing the country’s perception of doing business and entrepreneurship.” Through their online comunity and specialized information databases, they plan to reach and bolster Greek entrepreneurs in all phases of development.

The information databases include essential information for entrepreneurs such as funding initiatives, procedures/regulations, events, entrepreneurship competitions, useful data, and stories of success and failure, while the online community is sectioned into three categories: entrepreneurs, investors, and government, based on the personal profile each member creates.

While Startup America which launched on January 31st, commits resources to help entrepreneurial companies start or grow, and Startup Britain, launched on March 28th, provides each new UK business with a £1500 support package, Startup Greece does not directly focus on funding, rather community building and knowledge sharing.

As a new member of the startup revolution, we look forward to seeing Startup Greece’s progress and congratulate them on their efforts to support entrepreneurship and innovation in a time of economic hardship.