Welcome to Chile: Andreas + Maxine, AI Merchant

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On this spring (in the Southern Hemisphere) morning of October 6th, 2010, Andreas and Maxine from the project AI Merchant arrived to Santiago, Chile to take part in the 2010 Start-Up Chile program.

With a kite-surf and all, they came from San Francisco to further develop AI Merchant with the $40,000 subsidy that Start-Up Chile has awarded them. They will be working here for at least the next six months on the software Andreas has created which aims to detect and remedy economic inefficiencies in Internet consumer markets using Artificial Intelligence. Basically, the AI Merchant software enables Internet merchants to
reduce inefficiencies in Internet marketplaces. After merely testing AI Merchant, the have had great success which will undoubtedly increase with the resources they will have at their fingertips here in Chile.

Andreas, a native of Munich, Germany and Fulbright scholar, has been living in San Francisco for the past five years and this will be his 2nd time in South America (after having studied in Brazil for two months). A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Masters of Computer Science, he is a former Ebay software engineer with a strong computational and international background. His business associate, Maxine, was born in the south of China and has similarly been a resident of San Francisco for the last nine years where she met Andreas and began working with him on AI Merchant as his business development partner.

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Welcome to Chile Andreas and Maxine!

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