Welcome The S Factory Generation 7!

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  • The S Factory, a pre-acceleration program for people developing startups and who identify with the female gender, will have a new generation of global entrepreneurs.
  • The winners, mostly Chilean, will receive 10 million pesos (USD 15,000 approx.) to prototype their ideas.


Startups from 14 countries will be part of the new generation of technological  businesses led by people who identify with the female gender. The 35 selected projects, among 176 applicants, are on an idea phase or they have less than 12 months of development.

For Sebastián Díaz, Deputy Director of Start-Up Chile, “thanks to this program, the female participation in the last year has increased from 16% to 21%. With this we increase the chances of success of the startups, since the businesses led by women survive on average twice as long as those led by men and sell an average of 30% more. Also, with more female founders in our ecosystem, we will have a better innovative capacity”.

Each of the startups will be granted 10 million pesos (USD 15,000 approx.), a one-year work visa for foreigners and they may also be part of a pre-acceleration process to develop their business ideas.

The selected startups are mostly Chilean (56%), followed closely by the rest of Latam with 25%. The remaining percentage is divided between Azerbaijan, Georgia, Jamaica, Poland, Canada and Spain. Regarding the industry, the chosen startups focus mainly on Retail, Marketplace & E-Commerce and Biotechnology & Health. In relation to the business model, 33% have a Business to Business (B2B) structure and 25% Business to Client (B2C).

The evaluation of the judges was done based on the product presented by the applicants, the market to which the startup points and the work team.

The next application process for TSF will be from June 8th to the 20th of this year. For more information go to: www.startupchile.org


The selected startups for TSF7 are:


+I MÁS INCLUSIÓN: Platform of services for companies, for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

Acuaponics: Improvement of acuaponic system made to produce big amount of fish and vegetables in small space with high quality, in order to provide fresh food.

Ana Patricia Escobar Serrano: On-line psychological assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the hands of fully qualified specialists.

Armarium: E-commerce to market curated second-hand articles.

ArriendoJusto: We are a social real estate broker that delivers a service through a platform of “Fair Rent”.

Atlak Systems: monitor in real time crops for the efficient use of agrochemicals indicating the farmer when and how to use them, increasing productivity and helping with disease prevention.

Biodegra: reduce the use of plastic in the food industry, replacing the traditional plastic fruit container, with one made from the oat husk that is generated as waste in the production of processed oats.

CALYPSO: modify the way you see and do recycling, giving you the tools to know which waste you are producing, and giving you the opportunity to improve the economy of your household with the knowledge of the economical value that your recycling has

COMOQUIERO: help people enjoy meal time, without having to invest too much time or money on it, giving users access to balanced menus, the consolidated list of ingredients which can be edited, avoiding buying extra, and the possibility to buy this list online and receive it at home

dáriO: support system for elders with memory problems and high dependency. It helps to program and remember daily tasks through a simple and intuitive interface, in order to increase their autonomy.

DATACLIENT: ML powered platform that allows B2B companies to understand their customer and increase their sales.

Desol, solar desalination: desalination systems with solar energy.

Didactica.Digital: innovation Company dedicated to the development of Augmented, Virtual and Physical Reality. We focus on communication and representation for the Real-Estate market, big scale industry, and cultural institutions.

eClinical Research: start-up committed to make clinical research more efficient by implementing technology solutions on clinical research sites, primarily, by making its medical records suitable to serve a source data for clinical research.

Find It: give greater autonomy to blind people, though sensors installed inside a structure, a mobile application that encodes the information, and by voice command.

Functional Butter: Natural and nutritive banana-based product that can be used as replacement of butter, oils and creams in bakery.

Future Colleague: orientation social platform that generates a virtual place of convergence and collaboration between the professional and educational communities.  G3nuino: brand of social innovation that focuses on the inclusion of people with Down’s Syndrome.  Giftyck: web platform that works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide perfect gifts, suitable for each person.

G3nuino: brand of social innovation that focuses on the inclusion of people with Down’s Syndrome. Every female jewelry that we deliver, celebrates the life of these special people. Our goal is to make an emotional exchange, through the product, between the consumer and our master minds.

Giftyck: platform web that through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provides perfect gifts suitable for each person. Giftyck research the online social information such as facebook or twitter profiles and
deduces the tastes and preferences of everyone. Thus, you can find the perfect gift for anyone.

Givin: first Wishlist Marketplace in Latin America that connects people’s wishes with the ones who want to give them the Perfect Gift.

Gringo: Gringo is a global ticketing solution for public transportation. We make purchasing tickets easy for tourists around the world by providing one simple mobile application for all locations.

inCursu: web application that measures engagement, predicts possible churns and interacts automatically with the user according to their interactions on our clients platform.

IntellyHealth: digital directory of health professionals and medical institutions, fostered by the opinions of thousands of users.

Lambda Environment: database platform of different air pollutants, with high spatial and temporal resolution.

MoV: Free Mobile app that gives people an innovative and easy way to donate to NGOs: fundraising depending on the amount of physical activity people do for the cause.

Pathogen Allergen Quality Enterprise: Indoor Air Quality Monitor  prototype that gives early detection of  airborne pathogens, allergens and bacteria harmful to health, sending the information to user’s smartphone devices.

Quest2Move: Mobile app that connects companies and institutions with their audience through play. The gaming experience is geo-referenced, allowing users to discover new places of the city while immersing themselves in a story, generating interactive advertising, decentralizing the commercial flow of the city.

Relaxeed: Management and control tool for cannabis self-cutivation for medical cannabis users.

SiTienda: E-Commerce platform that provides the easiest way to create and manage an online store.

Step by Step: Development of a technological equipment applicable to a standard treadmillto add augmented reality features, being a useful tool mainly in the training of the march pattern, because it contributes graphic reference for both the professional (corroborating a correct execution) as for the patient (being playful).

Sustentabla: Surfboard made of 100% recycled materials from the ocean, designed and
produced in Chile. It allows greater durability of the table and does not use toxic materials for the environment.

Thunters: free to play Augmented Reality game-app that converts your daily commute in to a treasure hunt with opportunity to win real cash prices.

Trackmer: tracks the consumer experience at retail.  Service based on providing facilities and consumer tools that allow information to be obtained for collection and analysis through an online platform for the retail

TRIPPROZ: interactive 3D Globe Platform, aimed to improve knowledge about country regulations for tourists and visitors all around the world.

Yeast Propagator Bank: project that help brewers to enhance their fermentation process and, therefore, the quality of its final product, Beer.