The day has come: Welcome Generation Ten!


Today we happily announce the startups that will join our family as members of Gen 10th! We are so excited!

With arrival dates in July and August of 2014, the chosen startups call more than 24 different countries home and represent a myriad of industries.

The most represented country -for the first time- is Chile (29%) follow by United States (21%), Argentina (7%) Mexico and Brazil (5%) . We are happy to welcome entrepreneurs coming from countries as diverse as South Korea, Portugal, Pakistan, Hungary and Denmark.

 IT & Enterprise Software is the most strongly identified industries among the selected startups (18% each), followed by E-Commerce (13%) and a great combination of Healthcare & Biotechnology + Energy and Clean Tech (13%).

ParQnow: ParQnow is “Tinder for parking.” Our dynamic marketplace matches drivers, in real-time, with their ideal parking spot. Using machine learning, big data, and predictive algorithms, ParQnow (1) helps drivers find convenient parking and avoid costly parking tickets, and (2) enables anyone to rent out their empty driveway or parking spot.

Respi: Pneumo project is a personal heath analytics platform that will allow respiratory disease patients to control their disease with a smartphone enabled spirometer. Patients will regulate their medication, avoid asthma attacks and subsequent hospitalization and will communicate with healthcare system through the back-end platform.

Letsmake: Letsmake helps makers and hobbyists find spaces for their activities, like gardens, workshops, kitchens, artist studios and band rehearsal rooms.

It’s an online platform that lets owners list spaces and renters discover them, get information on their reputation, check their availability and book them immediately.

DadaRoom: helps people find amazing roommates to live with. We are a community marketplace where users list rooms for rent and connect with new roommates in a trustworthy, engaging and social environment.

XGear: We believe you should have access to the data your car generates while you are driving, XGear enables you to drive smarter by extracting data from the engine of car to enable you to take informed decisions and become a better driver and save money.

Lectorati: Social Network for readers

MedioTrabajo GeoMobile: Website&Mobile application in the part time jobs segment for semi or unskilled workers. It connects easily workers who need additional income and flexible schedules with companies that have trouble finding them. It`s a powerful search and selection tool, giving reliability in critical business variables such as responsibility, performance and availability.

Iron Drone: Iron Drone develops and sells drone technology based on the learning experience of services offered in construction, security, events filming and farming industries. We have drones capable to do automated routes by GPS and we are working to allow automated tasks without human intervention, controlling drones remotely via internet

InfoRemate: Inforemate is a SaaS platform that gives you the information you need to purchase foreclosed properties at judicial auctions, breaking the monopoly on information and giving you the ability to purchase your next property at below market value.

recorrido Latin America SpA: recorrido is a SaaS solution for bus operators in emerging markets and comparison platform for travelers (B2B2C model).

Flythegap: Flythegap is an online platform that enables people and organizations to launch initiatives and to collectively contribute to their development. Once an idea’s needs (assets, competences, spaces, funds) are highlighted, Flythegap creates the right connections to let different entities gather around that project and provide what’s missing.

Horizon: Your trusted hospitality network enabling you to find a place to stay with someone you trust. Discovering trusted connections starts with organizing your Facebook graph by location, and unlocking hospitality from members in professional associations, service organizations, and alumni groups you may belong to.

Flyer IO: Intelligent Marketing Tools for Commercial Real Estate. We bring design, simplicity and analytics to Commercial Real Estate. We use the latest technologies to explore listings with 360º inside imagery and using analytics to track results.

Tiempo Listo: Tiempo Listo is a personal assistance service that helps you get things done faster and cheaper than any traditional services. We help you finish your to-do lists, so you can relax and enjoy doing what you love while we take care of the trivialities of everyday life. engages learners outside the classroom, to reinforce in-classroom learning. A “Sterio” is a pre-recorded interactive audio lesson, delivered via an sms-triggered inbound voice call to the learner, in order to reinforce content. No internet or smartphone is required to access the content, and teachers get instant feedback.

Startup Threads: Turnkey solution for designing/printing/distributing custom promotional merchandise. Our API is used by companies to automate sending of rewards to their customers.

CloudMeter: CloudMeter connects the electric grid to the internet – enabling realtime energy analytics and control via any web-enabled device. Our hardware snaps onto existing electrical infrastructure and communicates wirelessly with our online-dashboards. CloudMeter provides intelligent insights and tools to reduce energy use by 30-40% – saving money and the environment.

HealthyRoad: The technology developed by HealthyRoad for sleepiness and fatigue detection is using the ultimate facial tracking and analysis technics in order to identify and evaluate, with a high accuracy level, those physical states of the user.

Fleck: Reddit meets Pinterest for creatives: Fleck for iOS provides an entirely new way to connect with people and design around the world, instantly share with those that you ordinarily would never come across, and easily get inspiration without endlessly searching and following people.

V2Contact: We have a website that provide a mutichannel communication platform where a business can communicate a message sending broadcast calls, sms message, email marketing, social networks, virtual pbx, crm and chat. We have the “swiss knife of communications”

Fiestah: We make event planning simple. Fiestah is an event management platform that provides the tools that event organizers and vendors need to collaborate, transact securely, and manage the details of their events from one place.

DataParenting: DataParenting is crowdsourcing parenting science: it’s the first and only platform to compile and share baby milestone development data and tips, with a game-like format. The app preemptively suggests parenting tips (personalized from the baby’s milestones, tags, age) at the right moment. “Freemium” adds tips, plus a “Baby Help Desk.”

CrowdTransfer: CrowdTransfer is a social network which allows people to transfer money from one country to another by exchanging currencies with others at mid-market rate. This allows them to save money bypassing bank fees and unfair exchange rates.

Elementa Energy Solutions: 1.2 billion people globally do not have access to electricity. Our patent-protected solar tracking mirror system generates electricity in a thermo-electric process to serve the energy needs of the world’s most underserved populations in a sustainable and cost-effective way. We have designed our product for the rural settings.

Level Chef: We are a training center that provides a complete online training in the gastronomic area, with high quality videos that teach hundreds of recipes and technics handed down by professional chefs, divided into levels and areas, where beginners and advanced people can find reliable and affordable training 24/7.

Kadriana: Pioneering multi-platform s-commerce transaction, Kadriana is SEA-based marketplace that enables people to share and initiate social purchases. Enjoy immediate rewards (e.g. discount, rebate/vouchers) when you invite friends to enlist as ‘seller’ or purchase products. Kadriana is integrated with facebook, twitter & mobile messaging, bringing instream transaction directly into your fingertips

ADIKTIVO: Adiktivo is platform that aggregates different fashion commerce sites in a single place. helping online shoppers to easily discover fashion products that they will love, either in style or price. We do this by connecting technologically with the online stores and by recommending products that meet the shopper personal style

ZenHub: ZenHub enhances every GitHub workflow with features built specifically for fast-moving engineering teams. The browser extension injects advanced functionality including customizable kanban-like boards, file uploads, and more, seamlessly into the GitHub interface. ZenHub allows you to centralize all processes into GitHub, keeping your team lean and agile.

Shippter: Shippter is a web platform that helps importers and exporters by reducing their costs and saving time when quoting and hiring the services of freight forwarders.

LatinComics: LatinComics will change the Latin-American comic book industry by delivering a digital comics platform that makes reading comics more fun than ever before.

Darwin Lab: The first system for creating 3D characters developed in Latin America.
Packed with previously unseen creative tools and a modern, intuitive interface aims to streamline the creative and technical processes within a production. We will revolutionize the media & entertainment industry, advertising, series, movies, video games and mobile!.

Zero Mail: Mobile mail catered to the business sector. (Mobile mail for busy people) (BCT): allows users to manage their mobile workers better. Managers can see where staff were at-a-glance, access job management/workflow tools, time and date-stamped pictures, dispatch and hours worked reports for easy payroll.
One feature has already been submitted for a full patent and additional patents are being filed.

EventBug: EventBug allows attendees of an event to automatically share photos with each other. The app and service allows creation of public and private events, so you can share photos with strangers or with friends and family. It can be used at music festivals, concerts, seminars, etc.

Cycle Money: At the end of the year we store about 2.4 and 4.2 Kg of useless technology. Cycle Money connect elements like gold, copper, plastic with the recycle companies through a web application, offering them information about the elements and their location, boosting the recycle through the value of the elements.

Fligoo: Fligoo is an online platform that, through an algorithm, identifies and interprets what people like in social networks, transforming this data into accurate suggestions for possible products and gifts.

Habet: Habet is your own personal self improvement coach that provides you with the support and motivation needed to help make your dreams a reality. Our platform intelligently tracks your personal progress, provides customized reminders, and offers rewards for accomplishing your goals.

TimePoints: TimePoints is a customer-experience measurement/management ecosystem which allows organizations to turn real-time customer feedback into actionable business solutions. Now we want to go one step further by monitoring queues and deliver real-time service status to customers and help them decide best time and places to go. Outsmarting bad service. Together.

TinyBytes SpA: We make rich 3D graphics and extremely easy to play freemium mobile games for the mid-core worldwide audience (+300 million). Playing console-style games on mobile is now a simple and enjoyable experience thanks to TinyBytes.

Screenmailer: Screenmailer is the fastest way to share and record high quality screen recordings. Customers use it for everything from collaboration, customer service, teaching and personal sales presentations. Screenmailer is a freemium service with premium upgrade to monthly plans.

Zase CRM Social: Zase provides innovative solutions in Customer Relashionship, Mobile and Social Marketing, and Loyalty Programs for merchants. We are driven by improving our clientes results in sales and delivering amazing experiences to their customers. We at Zase strongly believe that successful businesses are built upon relationships.

Figgu: Platform for buying, trading, collecting and playing with digital trading cards (figgus).

RackHunt: Rackhunt is an effective way to promote brands, products and events through fun & handy campaigns. Through an augmented reality mobile application users are challenged to find hidden geolocated objects (scavengerhunt) and thereby earn profits.

Monitor: Monitor is an Smart Energy Management SaaS. A web-based energy monitoring, control and reporting tool based on proprietary hardware and open protocols for low cost integration with existing meters and sensors.

my3Dreams: My3Dreams is a secure and user-friendly online marketplace for quality 3D printing models with a unique license protection system. With this system we can protect the designers’ intellectual property so they are no longer reluctant to share their best 3D models.

Power Africa: Power Africa is a full service energy company with social emphasis on increasing access to electricity in rural areas of Africa.

Yoozon: Yoozon allows everyone to publish any web project using Dropbox as a server and FTP. It is a web tool that improves productivity and save a lot of time on web developing, because it does in one simple step, what could take hours and lots of different tools.

TraktoPRO: TraktoPro is a solution for the financial side of the creative market.
Creative professionals and business have a hard time pricing, charging and sending business proposals to clients.
Trakto calculates the price for a project or service and send a business proposal right from a smartphone in less than 5min.

Stylect: Tinder for Women Shoes

IDOS CORP: IDOS helps companies avoid errors in accounting and compliance by simplifying transaction processing. Further IDOS enables companies to significantly reduce rework, rectification, reconciliation and time spent on supervision. Consequently it ensures accuracy at the very inception of the transaction and simultaneously provides accurate business intelligence and decision-making reports in real-time.

Kreyonic: Kreyonic creates and sell smart plush-toys for educational interactions with tablet applications for children.

ViperMed: ViperMed is a tele-rehabilitation and tele-eduction platform that allows patients to continue their treatments at home and keep in touch with their therapists. ViperMed was awarded by the MIT as one of the most innovative startups in 2013, wining also the social impact, TR35 prize ( Short Video(

Local Food Lab: A portfolio platform bridging the gap between the talent and opportunity in the rapidly growing local food industry.

Pycno: Pycno is aiming to bring continuous data monitoring and system control into high intensity agricultural farming. Our wireless sensors provide a revolutionary simple and low cost way to drive current systems such as irrigation and lighting using real-time data and cloud-driven analytics.

YoungCurrent: YoungCurrent is a media aggregator that aggregates news articles that are appropriate for children aged 6-16 from across the internet and serves them according to the child’s Readability level. The app also provides the parent with information on measurable outcomes such as vocabulary skills and current affairs knowledge.

The Poshpacker: The Poshpacker is a new curated booking site for affordable and unique accommodations worldwide. We provide the leading directory of creative hoteliers priced from $15 to less than $100 usd per person and the renown industry guide covering contemporary travel trends for the millennial lifestyle.

Gigawatt: Gigawatt is a crowdfunding platform that specializes in “”blitz fundraising”” – 24 hour campaigns to harness a sense of urgency and help groups achieve fundraising goals quickly. Here’s out Boost.VC Accelerator Demo Day pitch:
Mobii: Mobii is a webapp specifically designed for real estate agents that allows them to easily fill out details, take photos on the scene, manage their properties portfolio, clients requirements, and to collaboratively work with other real estate agents. All from any device.

Awesomi: Awesomi is innovative knowledge measurement and competence gaining tool for discovering talented people who want to progress.

easyQasa: easyQasa is a Brazilian online platform that allows contracting home cleaning services in an affordable, simple and easy way. easyQasa matches screened, background-checked and certified professional cleaner with house owners. The main goal is to reduce the time and costs in contracting home services. is the place to start whenever someone needs a lawyer.
The company provides for its users a free service of legal orientation, legal match/brokerage and lawyers search tool.
When a user needs a lawyer, finds it for him, within their special needs and payment expectative.

HardDrones: HardDrones is a company dedicated to the capture and analysis of flight data automatically using drones. Once a week, spectral aerial images of crops will be captured and analyzed, and we will deliver the results online so that farmers can optimize the resources of water, fertilizers and pesticides. is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects moving/cargo trucks owners with people that need to move stuff from Point A to Point B. In seconds you can request a truck and get the job done.

Cuiker: Cuiker helps you to discover specials and happenings from neighborhood stores, in real time. is a real-time dashboard that collects and analyse contingent information from social media related to the company that needs to understand hidden patterns of their customers from Big Data. We deliver friendly graphs with instant comparison with their competitors and market, to make wiser and better business decisions.

Safehis: Safehis develops clinical support software specially targeted for high-complexity medical units such as UCIs, and implements the full prescription cycle from medical prescription through pharmaceutical validation, dispensation using automatic dispensation devices up to administration by nursing personnel.

Helleroy: Essentially, we’re building GoPro for music. A completely waterproof high-quality ultraportable sound system with a series of mounts for any action sport and situation.

CUAQEA: CUAQEA Limited Society

Oceanea : Oceans are dying. Fish populations are collapsing. World’s fisheries are in decline. Oceanea delivers groundbreaking technology to revive ocean life on a large scale and boost their declining fish stocks.

Fillm: A crowdfunding and discovery platform for independent film.

Novalact: Novalact is a project focused on the research and development of a probiotic that has the capability to reduce and eradicate the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Giving back freedom to eat and drink freely to those with this affliction.

Increase: Increase offers you to sell anywhere and whenever you want with your mobile. We also help small and mid size businesses owners control their incomes.

Clickyreserva: -Airbnb for sports- Clickyreserva is a sports facilities online booking platform which also provide to the sports venues a management system. And it allows amateur players to find, compare and book sports facilities in their cities to play with their teams.

Beaker: Simulation process is used in medical training. Trainees can perform highly-complex operations on “dolls” that act as humans. Currently, there is no uniform way to review those simulations – particularly for those members viewing the simulation, until our digital assessment tool, with standardized templates from the world’s leading organizations.

CLOUDIKE: CLOUDIKE is a brandable (white label) Personal Cloud Platform, designed to deliver highly-engaging user experience to the end-user. We help OEMs, mobile and internet service provider to acquire, retain and upsell their customers by offering a compelling personal cloud experience under their own brand.

Quaam: Quaam provides investment managers an efficient outsourced solution to their time-consuming back-office needs. While the markets have changed dramatically, many companies continue following highly manual in-house practices that result in costly errors. Quaam allows investment managers and investors to take better informed decisions, as they can easily access reliable information.

Fondeadora: Fondeadora is a Crowdfunding platform for creative, artistic and innovative projects. Our role is to help talented creators leverage funds from a large pool of backers in order to make their initiatives come true. Fondeadora-Abierta is about to revolutionize the Crowdfunding model by giving access to low-cost capital for everyone.

CharityStars: CharityStars is an on-line platform raising money for charity organizations by selling celebrities’ memorabilia through auctions.

XYSec Labs: Next-generation mobile security audit software as a service helps power-users secure their devices, helps app developers catch bugs, helps app owners perform acceptance testing, and helps app stores maintain quality standards, by detecting data loss, man-in-the-middle, and privilege elevation vulnerabilities through automated inspection of source and binary code.

Nearway: Nearway is a SAAS that facilitates communication in companies with different stakeholders: vendors, distributors, collectors, customers, users, etc.. exploiting all the potential of mobile telephony.
No barriers to entry or exit, companies of any size can use the system by hiring him monthly, with a low fee per user.

bycler: Bycler is a social network and finder for bicyclists in a mobile app for smartphones and a web portal.
Bycler users are called Byclers, and, unlike other traditional GPS-aided navigation softwares, this is maintained by the users and provides routing information and traffic updates in real time.

Guarnic: Guarnic makes managing security guards, their routes and tasks much more efficient.

EntrenaYa: EntrenaYa is a big community of gyms and fitness centers that provides people a new alternative to their regular training, by offering them the possibility to buy flexible passes as a pay-as-you-go way to access the gym.

GrownOut: Grownout is a platform that spoils businesses and enterprises(B2B) with the ease to hire candidates via ‘successful referral hiring

Ecociclus (EC): Ecociclus is an enterprise waste marketplace and management tool where both waste generators and waste management companies may buy, sell or give up for free waste to be converted into raw materials; or hire / provide waste management solutions on a more responsible and profitable manner.

SAFESTORE: Safestore is Storage made Simple! For Latam cities. Charged by the box -which we provide -, picked-up & delivered to your front door and managed online, Safestore is the simplest way to expand your closet and enjoy every inch of your home.

EasyPoint: EasyPoint is an easy, simple and convenient way to receive, send or return parcels using your local corner Shop. Shop online and select one of the easy-point as delivery address, when your parcel is delivered, a text message and email is delivered to you. Pickup your purchase and Enjoy! is The Latin American Young Professionals Marketplace, focused on internships and entry-level positions. We are an integrated platform of social recruitment, video-interview and employer branding.

Zolvers: Zolvers allows people to find qualify and confidence persons to help them on home tasks like cleaning, painting, or a waitress for a birthday.
We connect people with pending tasks with a network of background-checked individuals ready to help them.

NIVELA: Company that helps middle and lower socioeconomic segments to gain access to credit by using positive data gathered from credit-like services such as utilities and telecoms companies.

AmberAds: AmberAds is an online platform that helps mobile app developers to find and acquire the best users for their applications.
By strategically delivering their ads to the right users and charging only when their app is downloaded, we increase the efficiency of their budget, maximizing their return on investment.

Lomaki: Lomaki is a mobile, social network for giving. The app features a curated selection of nonprofits where donors can give one-time, monthly, and offer to match future donations in a few taps. Nonprofits use the platform to attract new users and engage with donors on mobile.

Rapid Vocabulary: Rapid Vocabulary is a platform for building your English vocabulary through rich, topical content. Combining interactive content and optimized learning, Rapid Vocabulary teaches vocabulary through repeated contextual use of the word, mimicking how we learned vocabulary in real life situations. Vocabulary drills made fun and relavent!

Wind Energy Solutions: WESOL, Wind Energy Solutions started as a company dedicated to install vertical turbines a source of green power in unusual scenarios like cities, but it had a twist and now it’s advocated to innovate in the agricultural field by developing automatic water management systems specially for fruit grows.

allGreenup: An application that simplifies and motivates citizens to have a sustainable behavior. We have presence in Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Our users gain points for recycling, riding their bikes, sharing the car and reading tips, this points can then be trade for discounts, free tickets for recreational activities and donations.

Emitless: Emitless is green technology that provides the only method of cleaning catalytic converters and improving the environment by reducing emissions

Mascota Nube: Mascota Nube is like an Amazon for pets.

Agribots: Agribots is an agricultural services company, dedicated to increase small fruit crop yields through the use of drones for agricultural monitoring and freeze control. Additionally Agribots provides fumigation and pest control services.

Picapica: Picapica is a platform that allows the user to check written work on the existence of text-reuse/plagiarism. Our software is able to detect a wide variety of plagiarism types and discover them in millions of documents in just seconds. The project is backed-up be years of research and highly-ranked publications.

Freta.lá: Freta.lá is a web/mobile platform for you that needs to make freights or movings inside your city. With few clicks you send details (location, pictures, note) of what you want to transport and receives proposals from carriers in your area. After that, just choose the best option.