Wednesday´s Meetup with Floqq: The End of Learning as We Know It


If we told you the truth about the irrelevance of various courses, and about the very questionable quality of the education some teachers give, and we were to talk to you about the power of choice… could the school as we know it survive?

To be explicit, when seeking to go beyond the four-year degree we don´t need to be anti-college. iTunes didn’t render the musician irrelevant, just the album. But just as Napster, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify evolved the paths, careers, and distribution of musicians and their music, the role that the university plays will evolve dramatically. is the first online learning marketplace for the Spanish-Speaking Market, to make it easy for anyone anywhere to learn the skills they want.

Join us to know Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, Founder of Floqq, on how jailbreaking the degree and making courses the “unit” of education will unlock a flood of unmet demand and a new wave of possibilities in how we learn and consume education.


6.30 pm: Welcome & Beers
7.00 pm: Meetup
7.35 pm: Beers and Networking
10.00 pm: After Party )

When? Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 6:30 PM
Where? Start-Up Chile HQ – CMI, Providencia 229, Providencia, Santiago.