Wednesday evening is meetup time: Vesting contract, avoid free riders in your team!


*Don’t confuse vesting with INvesting

A vesting contract allows you to keep all your team members adding value when they are in the boat and play fair with them when someone decide to get off the ship. Entrepreneurs, investors and customers hate free riders; they can really kill your startup!

We as entrepreneurs usually find the best way to solve problems; we are expert in market discovery and we perfectly know how talk with our customers to sell even rocks. But sometimes the real issues come from the inside of the startup, from the team, from the founders.

When the startup life starts to get complicated, the money is getting lower (or nonexistent) and the times of development t and launching are taking forever, the adventure might become a nightmare for some people and it is normal to lose some of what we considered before -key players-.

When this happen all good intentions and friendship can’t be measured in percentages and the project may lose a big equity in exchange of  mmm  usually nothing.

Learn from our experience how we handled this issue before and how we are using a vesting contract to keep everybody happy inside CityHeroes, a company that aims to gather heroes to build better and safer cities.

Add value or the highway!

About the speakers:

Daniel Ponce and Mauro Trigo are working together on tech industry since 2007, they’ve co-founded Amerpages and many startups in the past. Now they are running CityHeroes from Santiago.

CityHeroes is a startup that aims to build safer and better cities by the combination of technology and collaborative culture.

WHEN? Wednesday, July 24, 2013 6:30 PM

WHERE? Centro Movistar Innova (CMI) Providencia 229, Santiago