We are pretty much everywhere: suppers rockin´ Arica!


Diego Espinoza, founder behind VCWings, is doing everything a person can possibly do to make sure all the great things he gets to see as a supper can also be enjoyed by his fellow “Ariqueños.” That´s right: Diego is living now in Santiago, but he is originally from Arica, at the very north of Chile. Arica is famous because of “El Morro,” the Chinchorro mummies, and the nearby altiplano, but Diego is making sure Arica has lots more to offer. He teamed up with suppers Michael Haddad (US) y Alexandru Palade (Romania) and also with talented folks at Universidad Tarapacá and they created “Hackademy,” an organization dedicated to promote Arica and it´s entrepreneurship networks in an interactive way, mentoring and connecting local programmers and entrepreneurs with international peers.” Awesome, right? Their launching event was nothing less than an advanced programming lesson where Ruby on Rails and Python were covered, gathering more than 50 programmers for an intensive 3 hour class, for 5 days!

Diego has been officially a supper for less than a month, but we can see he has already embraced the #neverstop and “think big” attitude!