We are looking for Padrinos and Madrinas: you, too, can live the Start-Up Chile experience!


Padrinos and Madrinas a key players in the Start-Up Chile family. They provide friendship and support to the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs starting from the day when they need it the most: when they arrive to Chile, as excited as lost and anxious. Being a Padrino or a Madrina is a great opportunity to make friends with people you never thought you’ll meet, and share life experiences, advice, fun and contacts. Do you want to be a Padrino or a Madrina? Check this out and let us know!

The following text summarizes the experience of Nicolle Knüst as a madrina.


When I decided to be a godmather through the Start Up Chile Program, the first thing I did was to take a look at the list of entrepreneurs. I thought how interesting could it be to support a foreigner from a different culture than mine, and perhaps this could be a good opportunity to practice my English, too. But when I saw the list, my opinion changed: I decided to choose someone interesting starting from what their project could be and how similar his or her lifestyle was to mine. That’s how I chose David Troya, an entrepreneur from Seville who has a site called Glumping Hub which is a collection of glamping sites in the world.

David and I started having a virtual contact since I was accepted as Godmather. We exchanged several emails with queries on housing and climate in Santiago. A few days after David arrived in Chile, I visited him in his apartment in Santa Lucia, where I met his wife Lindsay Vick, an american who lived in Seville who became in my goddaughter, to. She baptized me as their “Fairy godmother “. We became friends very quickly because we had a lot in common: the passion for travelling, the experience of living out of our countries and the entrepreneurial spirit.

We began planning things in Chile. The first trip we did was to Pichilemu, where we went surfing with other entrepreneurs and we enjoyed the Chilean coast. Back in Santiago we have continued sharing, discovering corners of the big city, and knowing each other better. Unfortunately, Lindsay had to leave Chile because she found a job in Seville and it was a great opportunity for her. Anyway, the time with her in Chile was very nice. David is here until the end of August and I will keep being his “fairy godmother”