Want to meet the best designers and startups? Come to Startup Design Connect!


There is a quiet, subtle, and really pretty revolution taking place at Start-Up Chile. It´s lead by the SUP designers! For a while we have seen them getting organized inside the Start-Up Chile community. Events here and there, meetups about cool, cute, awesome, pretty things that designers have such a great eye for and, well, overall we can say that the designers at Start-Up Chile are becoming quite a thing! Their power and awesomeness is beginning to show off and expand well beyond the SUP community, and this blog is meant to announce a great event they are organizing for you:  Startup Design Connect.

At Startup Design Connect, design studios and freelance designers will show us their work in 5-minutes presentations, showing off their portfolio and services. Designers at SUP want to connect with local designers in order to find business partners, and to hire! So, if you are a designer and would like to work for a startup, this is definitely an event to add to your calendar. After the presentations, there will be a lot of networking and drinks!

Join us!

When? Monday, February 11, 2013, 3:00 PM

Where? Start-Up Chile HQ – CMI, Providencia 229, Providencia, Santiago