Visualnacert, Tracing Produce to Increase Value

Projects & Participants

Lucia Iborra, Norma Agrícola
Norma Agrícola, founded in 2000 by sisters Lucía and Mercedes Iborra from Valencia, Spain, has arrived to partake in the Start-Up Chile program, specifically to develop their produce tracing software Visualnacert.  A system that controls protected varieties of fruits and vegetables via the internet, Visualnacert, the first of its kind, takes data from the fields and reproduces them online, seeking to improve current agricultural methods and marketability.

Visualnacert geographically registers where each specific tree of a species is planted and, with this information, a farmer can estimate the quantity of produce that will be harvested during that year.  The exact locations, the size of the fields, planting year, number of trees, annual production, among others, are all uploaded to the system which then allows the cultivators to digitally visualize their fields.  With this software, both the farmer and the owners of the fields are able to increase their revenues as it guarantees that the fruits/vegetables are brought to the market in optimal condition.

As described by Lucia, one of the first selected Start-Up Chile participants, agriculture can be greatly improved via her software: “the whole production process of plants can be controlled and, knowing the exact amount that is going to be produced, the supply and demand of the market can be better anticipated.  That way, the product’s value will not be lost.”

Norma Agrícola has previously been working with a specific species of mandarin oranges called Nadorcott, in Spain and Portugal, having identified two million of their trees with Visualnacert.  Through the use of this software, the Nadorcott mandarins boast one of the best prices in the market.   Now, the company is using a identifiable tag on their oranges that allows the fruit to be traced utilizing a digital code.  With the code, “the consumer can access via the internet on which farm/territory the fruit was cultivated thus providing a transparency that adds significant value for the farmer, bringing the farm closer to the client” explains Lucía.

During their time in the Start-Up Chile program, Lucía and her team plan to begin developing Visualnacert to be internationally applicable, creating tools that allow the software to adapt to the differences that are found in the varying terrains around the world.  Hoping to apply their knowledge and experience to all types of plants, the Norma Agrícola team’s broad goal is to be able to trace all kinds of fresh produce on the market using Visualnacert.