Vendder: “Top 5 DIY E-Commerce Solution for Small Business”

Projects & Participants

Vendder, one of the first Start-Up Chile participants, was chosen as one of the top five do-it-yourself e-commerce solutions for small businesses by American Express Open Forum and Mashable. Co-founded by Tiago Matos and Filipe Gonçalves from Porto, Portugal, the startup makes creating an online store for a small business easier than ever with customizable tools, multiple language options, a myriad of payment methods, and the ability to use your own domain.

As one of the few e-commerce solutions that offers a freemium model, they boast a number of clients whose unique sites can be seen in their showcase, here: Unlike their competitors, they offer their services in multiple languages– features they have been able to develop during their time in the Start-Up Chile program.

Open Forum, a site devoted to providing small businesses with useful tools, highlights Vendder saying:

Vendder lets you set up a storefront and start selling products online in just minutes. Unlike many of its competitors, Vendder even offers a free plan that allows you to sell up to 15 products (customization and theme options are of course limited). Vendder’s two other plans, Plus and Pro, cost $24 per month (for 150 products) and $49 per month (for 500 products). Vendder offers a nice set of customization tools and both premium and basic templates are available. Despite the low monthly fees and free plans, according to the Vendder support staff, there are no additional transaction fees. This makes the service a great option for small businesses on a tight budget. Custom plans are also available.

Tiago, alumni of UPTEC in Porto, says, “we’re excited to be named in this group and to continue developing Vendder in Chile as alumni of Start-Up Chile.”