Vendder in the News: “Portuguese Around the World”

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After passing through Valparaíso and various other regions of Chile, the program “Portugueses Pelo Mundo” (Portuguese around the World) landed in Santiago to conduct an in-depth interview with Vendder, the first group of Portuguese entrepreneurs to have taken part in Start-Up Chile. To see the news clip, click the photo below.

Tiago Matos and Filipe Gonçalves, Vendder’s two founders, hosted the film crew, taking them to the most iconic places in Chile’s capital such as the Moneda Palace, Paseo Ahumada, Dominó, a Café con Piernas, the Start-Up Chile HQ, and, last but not least, an “After Office” Party. Given that there are very few Portuguese living in Chile that aren’t actually affiliated with Start-Up Chile, the producers were eager to meet the first program participants and get a taste of the buzz the program has created in their home nation.

Vendder has made vast strides during their time in Chile having begun the program with only 150 stores. Now, over 3,500 small businesses use their services which they’ve been able to translate in seven languages during the last year. Over 35,000 purchase orders have been fulfilled through their platform whose payment methods have similarly expanded with the financial support of Start-Up Chile.

With the help of Tiago and Filipe, Portugal is the third most represented country within this program and consequently, 20% of the Portuguese population in Chile is affiliated with Start-Up Chile.

Tiago Matos, Portugueses Pelo Mundo