Valentine’s Day Like a Local– Brought to You by Krawst

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Krawst, second generation Start-Up Chile participants whose mission is to promote getting to know locals while traveling, has compiled a list of Valentine’s Day activities from around the world that  promotes that exact ideal.

The activities listed on include joining a daddy-daughter ball in Chicago, learning to make sushi, chocolates and other comfort food, horseback wine tasting, doing Pilates on water, or painting in the park. The suggestions are not just for couples as they similarly include activities suitable for groups, friends, and singles.

The team compiled the list of activities from sites that specialize in travel activities hosted by locals. It is their goal to grow the industry together with these partner sites and make taking part in activities hosted by locals more commonplace.

Ryan Lou, Founder of Krawst says, “many of the ideas listed on our site are things people can do in the city where they actually live. Also, we are interesting in hearing more travel activities that people would be interested in at, in return we’ll send a Valentine’s gift to the most interesting ideas.”

Kwast's Valentines Day Offers