Using social media to promote your business in South America

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By Giuseppe Giulio

Why use Social Mediafor Marketing? According to the last quote by Fast Company, 93% of startupsuse social media – Facebook, first ao fall – to promote their business and increase their profit. Would you liketo know more and add something to your online marketing strategy? In this latestpost we want to share with all of you – supers – 3 simple ways to know aboutthe social media efforts.

Add new leads

Social media provides you the opportunity to grow faster relationships with your target audience. Your organic followers are people who knows very well your startup and will tell their friends or other about you and what you do. Especially Facebook, because thanks to its extensive and dynamic functionality you can try to make benefit from having a massive presence on this social channel. In fact according to the Pew Research Center; “Facebook is the jumping-off point for getting started with social media marketing.

Customer service

Another huge aspect of the Social Media is that it gives to your startup the chance to learn more about your audience or target, their interests and collect feedback from them. Most important; ask your followers to share their thoughts, curiosities and especially ideas, create a connection and make them leading actors of your business. Last but not least the social media offers an important opportunity to improve your customer service and provide a great gratification to your followers.

Email Marketing

Today, one of the biggest thing to know about the powerful use of the social media is that now you can share your email newsletter across your social networks, especially on your Facebook account. Thanks to this tool you can generate new audience, attract more readers and create a better connect with your current customers and reach new audiences for their own business. Take now the opportunity to try this tool offered by the social networks to promote and increase sales and content with very special “letter” offers.