Urban Station is hosting Bizcamp in Santiago, the city´s first “unconference”


Over 250 entrepreneurs are expected to attend Santiago´s first “unconference” on March 23rd. It starts at 18:00 with a live pitch contest to be broadcast to over 100,000 people worldwide. On Saturday, March 24th, there will be over 20 talks and presentations on every aspect of business life, from pitching investors to improving the average dollar spent on each customer. It is sponsored by Urban Station, Piehole.tv and others and being held at the brand new Centro Movistar Innova, Av. Providencia 229.
James Kennedy, one of the conference organizers, explains: “This is an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to swap expertise straight from the horse’s mouth. Anyone can apply to give a half hour talk on a subject they feel they are an expert in.” The idea of an ‘unconference’ started in the US as an inexpensive way to help people meet and collaborate. “There will be four spaces on the day where speakers will present. If you don’t like a talk, just get up try another one. Attendees are encouraged to vote with their feet”, says Diego Espinoza, of Urban Station.