Upcoming meetup: “Using sustainable materials and starting from zero”


José Luis Aguila will tell us his experience starting from zero: Having to learn the art of manufacturing boards and how to run a company. All this pushed by motivation and passion.

Join us and get to know how sustainable materials has worked for the creation of Boardganics, his startup.

Jose Luis Aguila
Born in Santiago, Chile. Studied to be a chef in French Culinary Arts School ECOLE. Has worked in different parts of the world as a Cook and a Ski instructor. He compited for 3 years in Freestyle Skiing and loves surfing and skateboarding. His passion and motivation pushed him to start Boardganics, sporting goods manufacturer company.

When? Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 7:00 PM

Where? Las Urbinas 44, Providencia, Santiago.

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