UC Davis Entrepreneurs Visit the HQ


UC Davis Visits Start-Up Chile

Today, a troop of students from UC Davis’ Center for Entrepreneurship arrived to Start-Up Chile’s 12th floor Headquarters where they were greeted by participating entrepreneurs and members of the Start-Up Chile staff. On a tour though Chile, they were drawn to this program via its international reach, namely having heard of the program from the California Roadshow that Start-Up Chile’s CEO, Nicolas Shea, held earlier this year.

Corey Wride, founder of Movie Mouth, presented his experience as a globe-trotting entrepreneur to the students, many of whom had never been in South America. Currently participating in Start-Up Chile, Corey is originally from Utah but has previously lived in Brazil and Costa Rica with his wife and family who now accompany him in Chile.

Wil Agatstein, the Center for Entrepreneurship’s Executive Director, was especially impressed with the operations and the space that houses entrepreneurs from around the globe stating, “this has been a great opportunity, it’s a fantastic program.”  His sentiment was echoed by his students who were noticeably interested in how easy business seems to flow in Chile, and how similar it is to the States.

If you are interested in bringing a University to tour the Start-Up Chile grounds, please email jennifer@startupchile.org.