TSF | And the results are in… Welcome new Generation #TSF8 Congratulations!

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The S Factory, a pre-acceleration program for people developing their startups and who identify with the female gender, will have a new generation of global entrepreneurs.
The winners, mostly Chilean, will receive 10 million pesos (USD 15,000 approx.) and support to prototype their ideas.

Startups from 9 countries will be part of the new generation TSF8, a pre-acceleration program for startups led by people who identify with the female gender. Among 185 applicants, 20 projects were chosen in the idea stage or with less than 12 months of development.

Each of the startups will be granted equity-free 10 million pesos (USD 15,000 approx.), a one-year work visa for foreigners, and a 4-month pre-acceleration process to develop their business ideas.

The selected startups are mostly Chilean (50%), 15% from other countries in Latam, and 35% from the rest of the world. Regarding the industries, the selected startups focus mainly on IT Software and Biotechnology & Health. 46% have a Business to Business (B2B) structure and 39% Business to Client (B2C).

The evaluation by the judges was conducted based on the product presented by the applicants, the market to which the startup points, and the team’s experience.

The next application process for TSF will be next year. For more information go to www.startupchile.org

Those selected for Gen 8 are:

Canduit: a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that enables universities to host enterprise-sponsored projects for their students, while creating a collaborative environment where users can engage in project-based learning with companies and gain real-world experience.

LiveBrochure: For Real Estate companies who want to make their marketing collaterals to be more dynamic and help their customers visualize better their product. LiveBrochure is a SaaS that allows them to create by themselves, easy interactive Augmented Reality applications cost-effectively.

Zawadi: A platform in which event tickets are managed as assets on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The platform solves a ticket-fraud crime, an urgent real-world problem, by relying on the consistency guarantee of the blockchain and the unforgeability of digital signatures, all without degrading the user experience. Tickets can also be traded easily in a person-to-person scenario.

The Moodie Company: blends business intelligence and analytics with customer satisfaction using cutting edge machine learning technology. Get to really comprehend your customer needs in real-time based on real data.

Therapsy: Web platform that allows early detection and awareness of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, providing treatment through online video call therapies.

IMEKO: empresa que se hace cargo del reciclaje y revalorización de colillas de cigarro, a partir de la recuperación de acetato de celulosa. Las colillas son recolectadas a través de la disposición de contenedores en la ciudad, y el establecimiento de alianzas estratégicas con locales e instituciones que cuentan con zona de fumadores. Estas colillas son limpiadas mediante un proceso eficiente y limpio, y la materia prima recuperada es transformada en productos y tecnologí¬as de alto valor agregado.

NATURALG: healthy food from sea vegetables, will allow the development of a line of natural products which seeks to increase the consumption of seaweeds, because we include in its production an innovative process that eliminates the strong flavor and aroma of seaweeds, without modifying their nutritional properties. The product will be available in different formats (flours, flakes and small pieces) to be easily incorporated into the daily diet using various preparations whose main characteristic will be “healthy and delicious”.

Nature Trip: community marketplace for tourists traveling to Chile to search, discover & book authentic camping experiences online or on their mobile phones. NatureTrip connects nature lovers who are looking for outdoor adventures with people who have unique camping sites or land.

Yuna: provides fully qualified advice from midwives to expectant mothers. Through our digital health platform, we offer an on-demand maternity care service to guide you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Aether Biomedical: one stop solution for design, development, and distribution of medical devices in the Rehabilitation domain. With AI based EMG technology at its core, Aether is developing Zeus – A Bionic limb for upper limb amputees around the globe. Zeus fills the gap of a low cost – high efficacy prosthesis, providing an affordable yet multi-functional solution – geared towards the developing economies.

Genia: A digital platform that through genetic data improves people´s health by connecting them with tailored products and services from wellness brands.

Keeping Tempo: an AI pricing tool for global venue managers to more effectively price their event tickets.

OptiRoute: Optiroute determines the best distribution order, considering the particular restrictions of each market business. In addition, the tracking information is processed to obtain relevant management indicators in the decision-making process. Using artificial intelligence delivery times are reduced, reducing operating costs and fleet maintenance. It increases the coverage of customers served and improves their service experience. It’s also flexible, adding or removing loads and destinations on the journey.

Taskyou: Post your daily tasks and get someone from the community to do them for you at an agreed price. Find the workforce you need in an easy and convenient way or find a way of making money while helping others.

Gesttiona: an online platform to increase productivity through the control and management of the workforce. We offer a wide range of solutions by integrating attendance control, wages, accounting and assignment of tasks, all on a single platform. We differentiate ourselves with our assistance module through the mobile phones of each employee with face biometrics technology and geo-positioning, available to all companies at an affordable price.

World Wide Scout: provides a platform for football (soccer) players and scouts to share and promote players’ profiles. It is an interactive tool which, using artificial intelligence, allows coaches and scouts to evaluate players, and players to search for teams and advertise their skills.

WriteBetter: a tool to improve English learners’ writing skills and provide guidance to anybody who needs to write a text in English. It is a Word add-in that allows users to check their texts by means of a 4-million-phrase corpus, which shows the use of words in real contexts.

Pusakuy: Carpooling platform for enterprises, to go and come back from work in peak hours.

Guará: NLP based startup that creates bridges between companies and their users by providing a deeper understanding of intent and dialects. With guará, you can provide a better user experience to your users and they can develop a deeper sense of loyalty to your brand.

Mind-Care Lab: El producto a desarrollar es una herramienta de software para evaluar el estado de salud mental de las personas. Esta herramienta permitirá a los psiquiatras, identificar a aquellos pacientes que necesitan un tratamiento. La herramienta también permite hacer un seguimiento de la evolución del estado de salud mental de los pacientes. El servicio a desarrollar es usar inteligencia artificial para análisis y proyecciones de los datos entregados por el software.