Tripeezy Update: Online Store Up-and-Running

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Paige, CEO of Tripeezy, the third entrepreneur to arrive to Chile via the Start-Up Chile program sat down with us for a minute to describe the advances she’s been making with her Tripeezy team here in Santiago.

Like the other entrepreneurs participating in the program, the second she touched her sneakers on Chilean soil, she was up and running and “hard at work.”  She wasted no time “getting to know the local Santiago entrepreneurial and tourism community” and notes that “networking here in Santiago has been very easy and quite enjoyable– the community is supportive of the entrepreneurs that Start-Up Chile is bringing here and they are very eager to help in every way they can.”

Paige and Giles “Gino,” Tripeezy’s Operations Manager, spend most of their days working in different cafes around Santiago, checking-in on their City Gurus’ (a term signifying Tripeezy’s local writers), always alert for accuracy and quality.  Tripeezy’s main product, and what the team has been working hardest at, are their customized guides made for travelers who want to experience a city through a local’s eye.  She says that “every guide includes detailed information about the location and accompanying photos, which the Tripeezy team takes themselves, making the process of locating places easier for travelers.”

It’s no surprise that as an avid explorer, Paige has “enjoyed going to each review location featured in the guidebooks and seeing what Tripeezy City Gurus have suggested for the city’s visitors” stating: “overall, I am very pleased with the content that we have acquired from our City Gurus and am proud to share it with travelers!”

Another area of rapid growth has been Tripeezy’s online store which electronically houses the local travel guides that have been compiled “over the last eight months,” encompassing 17 countries, where the City Gurus create detailed reviews of their favorite places and thus convert them into Tripeezy electronic guidebooks.

A major milestone was this Monday when Paige opened the Tripeezy online store after countless hours of hard work and meticulous sightseeing.  She says that she is “looking forward to working with travelers to learn more about how they could use the guides and other ways which we can distribute the content.”

The first guides that have been listed for sale are “Local Markets in Santiago,” “Local Nightlife in Bellavista,” and “Parks in and Around Santiago”—all three of which are a must for a traveler passing through Chile’s sprawling capital.


Her progress has been impressive and her work ethic inexhaustible and we look forward to publishing her next advances.

For more information about Tripeezy, you can read their blog, find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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