Top AI Trends to Watch Out for Women Entrepreneurs


In the recent years, the economic potential of a woman entrepreneur has become widely recognized. The 2017/18 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) reports across 48 countries, the ratio of female entrepreneurs to male entrepreneurs has increased by 6% from 2016 to 2017.

By Aditya Singhal


Latin America and the Caribbean women are most likely to be engaged in early-stage entrepreneurship (17 female entrepreneurs for every 20 male entrepreneurs) while the European women are least likely to start their businesses (6 female business owners for every 10 male business owners.)

An entrepreneur’s life is not easy, and if you are a women entrepreneur, the problems multiply. Taking care of children and home is still considered the responsibility of women, which negatively impacts the long hours entrepreneurs need to invest in their businesses to make it grow.

Here are some of the best artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can help you work smarter, if not harder, than your peers and make it easier for you to nurture your businesses:

Alice Wants More Women to Become Millionaires

Alice is the first-ever AI platform for women entrepreneurs. It connects women founders to mentors, resources, and business events in real-time to help them scale their businesses. Alice has been developed by Dell and Pivotal, and it uses the data-driven platform powered by Circular Board.


Alice will also employ machine learning to curate the most popular content posted by a company, predict users’ needs, and engage the users better.

The virtual advisor Alice uses data analytics to filter million of resources according to the startup’s stage, location, revenue, and industry as well as the individual needs of the female founders. It can offer advice the women entrepreneurs on marketing, finances, legal requirements, and technology. gives Voice to your User Interface are AI chatbots that allow you to implement multi-channel conversational interfaces for your brand easily. These intelligent virtual robots offer consistent interaction to your visitors across all channels and help you build and retain a loyal customer base.



Botanic codes can also be used as voice assistants or 3D avatars. They use machine learning, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), sentiment analysis, Blockchain, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to help your brand develop a personality.

You can deploy these AI-powered systems for:

  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance

It has been observed that the use of Botanic chatbots means that your loyal customers are five times likely to forgive you and re-purchase from, four times likely to refer your products and services, and seven times likely try a new offering you have. It means that the service makes your customers happier so that they spend more on you and you can ring in more profits year-on-year.

Automated Insights turns Spreadsheets into Stories

Automated Insights created Wordsmith, the first natural language generation (NLG) platform in the world which is available as SaaS (Software as a Service). The Wordsmith’s customers include Yahoo, Associated Press (AP), Amazon Alexa, and Tableau.



When you feed structured data into it, it uses the NLG technology to convert into prose that looks like a human-produced content.

You may read the kind of stories the software writes here.

It seems like a useful technology to use to get some essay assignment help. However, if you are a college girl with a new startup and is looking for some assignment help in a specific subject area, it would be better to consult a human expert rather than an artificially intelligent one. Natural intelligence and experience still weigh more than the AI-powered virtual robot that is still learning how to do things.

Women entrepreneurs of all ages may use Wordsmith to generate:

  • a business intelligence dashboard that includes text explanations for greater comprehension,
  • corporate earnings reports,
  • customized customer communication experiences,
  • product descriptions (by inputting the inventory data), and
  • property descriptions for the real-estate market.

Infer can Increase Your Conversion Rates by 3X

In a B2B company like HubSpot, distinguishing real leads from the fake ones is critical to surviving the markets. Infer is an AI-powered tool by Ignited Technologies that offers sales & marketing solutions that can do that for you. The company claims that the tool can increase your conversions on inbound and outbound campaigns by three times and double the deal sizes too.



Infer uses data science to identify the most promising prospective customers for you, help you reach out to hyper-targeted segments, and personalize the way you reach out to them.

Some of its best features are:

  • Account Based Marketing: Infer helps you identify the best Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs) and engage them.
  • Data Append and Enrichment: If you are using Salesforce, Infer can append or enrich your account-based data.
  • Predictive Behavior Scoring: The marketing automation platform uses various behavioral models of consumers to identify which of the prospective customers are at the ready-to-buy stage.
  • Predictive Lead Generation: It is the high-potential list of accounts and contacts that allows Infer to offer account-based marketing solutions and fine-tune your outbound efforts.
  • Predictive Scoring: It uses data analysis and modeling to score the customers according to their consumption and preferences.
  • Profile Management: Using the data cloud, Infer can accurately segment, and target prospects multiple databases.
  • Sales Intelligence: It can help you increase your sales by providing you relevant intelligence regarding whom to contact and when and how to reach them.


Google’s New Tool ‘Talk to Books’ is the Best Mentor for You

On April 13, 2018, Google revealed its latest tool – Talk to Books. Ask it a question, and it will search for the answer in hundreds and thousands of books it has access to and offers the relevant passages as the answer.



It is incredibly smart. Talk to Books does not depend on keyword matching. It uses semantic analysis and machine learning to offer you intelligence responses to sophisticated, complex questions in a matter of seconds.

When you can ask it ‘How can I be successful as a woman entrepreneur,’ it turns up following search results:


  1. “Develop supportive relationships with other women. While such networks can provide valuable emotional support for women in their entrepreneurial or managerial roles, they tend not to have the types of connections typically needed for business success.: ~ Human Resource Management in Small Business: Achieving Peak Performance by Cary L. Cooper, and Ronald J. Burke
  2. “Performance is directly linked to motivation. Measures of success for women entrepreneurs have shown self-satisfaction to be often considered of greater importance than financial profitability and growth.” Gender Issues in Entrepreneurship by Maria Minniti
  3. “Studies on women’s entrepreneurship have shown that women entrepreneurs normally take their network members from the spouse, male friends, and finally female friends.” ~ Iranian Entrepreneurship: Deciphering the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Iran by Shahamak Rezaei, Leo-Paul Dana, and Veland Ramadani

Surprisingly, the advice it offers you is similar to what a traditional mentor may provide you with.


Here’s another example:

Ask it ‘How to start a new business in college,’ and it answers:

  1. “Some students may start a co-operative store where books and stationery on the wholesale rate that may be purchased and sold to all the students studying in that school. The basis of the co-operative store should be no-profit, no-loss.” ~ from Theory and Principles of Education by A.R. Rather
  2. “Studying entrepreneurship in school allows each student to develop a unique business idea and carry out the decision-making process through a complete business plan.” ~ from Entrepreneurship Education: Current Developments, Future Directions by Calvin A. Kent
  3. “Local colleges offer libraries as well as business departments with many resources for new small businesses, and some include incubator space for students and alumni who start up new endeavors.” ~ from The Architecture Student’s Handbook of Professional Practice by American Institute of Architects

Ask it anything that has ever been published or studied before, and it can offer you some brilliant answers to all your queries and doubts. Student entrepreneurs can use this tool for business as well as to research information for their assignments quickly. There are online homework help too that allow you to achieve study-work-life balance when things become too hectic for you to handle.



Author Bio:- Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of Transtutors, a leading Online Education platform for college students. Having graduated from prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Delhi, Aditya has a personal interest in helping students.