Tips for applying to Start-Up Chile


Yes, it’s that precious time of year: when you can apply to our amazing programs, especially the #SeedG24, that’s now open until April, 14th. But, we know if you want to apply, you may have questions about it, so we ask experts to give everyone that’s interested in some valuable tips for applying to Start-Up Chile.

Nicolás Vega is Scouting Manager in Start-Up Chile, which means that he is in charge of selecting the best startups of the program. Here it is how to give your application the best chance of success according to our scouting manager.

1) Make sure your answers are concise and address the question asked.

2) Focus on the problem that your start-up can solve, its nature and size and how your start-up can solve it.

3) How is your start-up innovative and different from what’s already out there? How do you distinguish yourself from your competition?

4) Don’t leave your application until the last day! Our online systems receive a lot of traffic in the last few hours before the deadline and it may take time to upload your files. Applications made after the deadline will not be accepted.