We have the results for the new generation of The S Factory


The startups led by women entrepreneurs will receive 10 million pesos (about US$ 15.000) and a 12-month working visa to come to Chile and be part of the second generation of the program.




After the application process of the 2nd generation, which took place in August and September, 27 young startups led by women entrepreneurs have been selected to be part of the community.


In the second generation, most of the participants come from Chile (10). Other countries represented are United States (2), Argentina (2), India (2), Nigeria (2), Germany (2), Austria (1), Finland (1), Canada (1), Mexico (1), Australia (1), Ghana (1) and Spain (1).


Regarding the industries the most represented are IT & Enterprise Software (28,6%), Healthcare & Biotechnology (18%), Education (14%), E-commerce (11%), Social Media/Social Network (7%), Energy & Clean Tech (3%),  among others.


All of the startups are led and have been founded by women: this is part of the requirements to be selected. The S Factory is part of the few acceleration programs that is only dedicated to women founders.


The companies selected for the 2nd generation will start the program on the 23rd of November 2016. During the first week, they will be orientated by the team, that takes care of the soft landing process.


As a requirement, entrepreneurs must stay in the country for the 3-month length of the program and help in the social impact of entrepreneurship through sharing experiences and knowledge with other startups and outside the program in order to grow the women entrepreneurs network in Chile.


At the end of the pre-acceleration process, they will have the chance to apply to Start-Up Chile – the parent fund – that offers CLP 20 million (~ US $35.000) and then eventually to the follow-on fund SCALE that provides the companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America with CLP 60 million (~ US $100.000).


The goal, during the 3-month length of the program, is to build their startups, a network and to participate in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem. To do so, the women will be part of the biggest startup community in the world, will be mentored and will participate in workshops covering all the knowledge they will need to run their businesses successfully.


If you want to know more about the First Generation, please go HERE


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new generation


Startup Name

Public Description

Founder´s nationality

The interactive classroom (TIC) TIC will allow students to learn through gamification and interaction with the physical world. It is a brand new concept that responds to the new teaching methodologies that are emerging around the world. It revolutionizes the way in which students acquire new knowledge through hands on activities and experimentation.      Argentina
People Spread The homepage is a search tool to find social media influencers with +5000 followers together with an indicator of price, customer segment and level of engagement. It provides startups with the ability to request sponsored posts, then accept/ decline the posts the influencers propose and, when accepted, make a payment.      Argentina
Travelist.io Connect with travellers doing similar things to you. Organise trips, share expenses, have new adventures. Travelist allows you to search for trips you’d like to do, or post your own with an activity, place, and time. You can then connect, travel and share the experience together.        Australia
Teca *Cloud Inventory Management* Cloud inventory management tool that empowers “shop-around-the-corner” owners and managers through an intuitive and affordable tool for them to be competitive in a fast-developing connected world. TECA performs all automated tasks and allows to remotely make inventory-related decisions based on real-time data, so retailers can focus their time on growth      Austria
Reveal by Awake Labs Reveal is a wearable device to predict behaviour meltdowns for children with autism. It tracks the three leading indicators of anxiety in real-time in order to send a notification to a caregiver’s smartphone, so they can intervene and prevent the meltdown.       Canada
GetFlowy GetFlowy is a one-stop B2B SaaS platform for international commerce. GetFlowy revolutionizes the way firms, especially small and medium ones, conduct international commerce. GetFlowy tracks international orders, sending notifications of required actions, allowing them to flow smoothly from start to finish. GetFlowy also connects users with a network of partners.      Chile
StemPatch Stempatch is a kit designed to manufacture a stem cell derived patch for patients with chronic and acute skin wounds. This kit allows manufacture the patch into the same medical center where it will be applied and with own stem cell of the patient.       Chile
hourJOB Mobile App that offers hourly jobs for undergraduate student with SME. It allows students search according to their availability and geographic proximity, and to SMEs to find a low cost solution with less contractual complexity.      Chile
WAAH WAAH is a digital platform where fan can connect with producers to vote for their favorite band for an supporting act. This is a new way to communicate and reveal music trends around the world.       Chile
AFLOX Aflox is a product that diminishes the levels of a toxin present in certain kind of foods affecting health of consumers. Our product improves quality standards decreasing losses associated to this toxin thus enhancing the food commercialization.      Chile
TAC Translation Solution The Remote Simultaneous Interpretion service will be the new way of translating international seminars, congresses and meetings, by interpreters connected online through a computer to the location, increasing language availability and the use of interpreters from all regions of the country and the world, eliminating interpreters’ booths and reducing costs.      Chile
Quote Agenda A supply Portal for subcontractor companies and design materials; a place to access a complete and clear supply, with contact information and résumés. The quote applicants send all the pertinent information to the provider, and is registered into an agenda, where follow-up and deadline fulfillment confirmations are performed.      Chile
LifKetrawe We are a team formed by three biochemists concerned about the environment and health. Our contribution is to design biotechnological solutions based on benefic microorganisms to improve Organic Agriculture. Our products will reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful for the environment      Chile
Bioplastico Manufacture Biodegradable packaging make of grapes skin for the food industry, biodegradable, compostable and eco friendly for de environment.      Chile
Smart Consumer We believe that all people regardless of their social class, gender and location, are entitled to access  information and tools to make better decisions in managing their money. Smart Consumer’s a financial empowerment program that seeks to increase this capacity in people, using knowledge of behavioral economics and personal finance.      Chile
Igluz Igluz is a virtual self managment showcase for small local producers and sellers. Before the acceptance we do a very thorough selection of the items. We only accept good quality  chilean products.      Chile
Anyone Anyone makes it easy to interview anyone in the world instantly from your smartphone. We help companies get local, high-quality insights on-demand: interview any type of person for qualitative research within 5 minutes using video chat, with real-time voice translation and a trust-based rating and matching system.       Finland
Anticip8 Analytics Anticip8 Analytics is going to help providers of renewable energies predict their energy output 24 hours in advance by using non-traditional computing for more accurate weather forecasts.      Germany
Melanie Langlotz Geo AR Games combines GPS coordinates with Augmented Reality to create digital outdoor games that motivate screen addicted kids to play outdoors. Imagine a giant Playstation in a park which allows kids to build their own 3D theme Parks and design motion games which they can play with their friends      Germany
Girlfrynd Girlfrynd is that must-have app for every woman. Girlfrynd  provides daily lifestyle and health tips, with a calculator for that time of the month. Women can also buy and sell pre-owned fashion items or find a personal stylist for that special occasion. Lifestyle isn’t just fashion, it’s healthy fashion!      Ghana
Loyagram Loyagram leverage the power of  Predictive Analytics to help Small and Medium Businesses to grow bigger by identifying their most loyal and high value customers and target them with right message at the right time with right products.        India
HelloMeets Helping people meet achievers in their field – one event at a time.      India
Lickos Lickos offers trusted/verified dog sitters, boarders and walkers, three services and limited vet guarantee in case of accidents. It promotes animal welfare offering a cage-free service in open spaces without kennels. Owners choose the ideal walker, sitter or boarder depending on budget, location, experience; book and pay through the website.      Mexico
500Apprentices  500Apprentices helps skill seekers discover available and affordable apprenticeships  to help empower  themselves with knowledge and start successful businesses.
We seek to create a large market place which caters for the skills of the informal sector to help reduce the rate of unemployment.
Content On Demand Content On Demand is a web and mobile application that helps businesses easily create original content. With record/upload buttons on the homepage, users can speak about what they want written, and receive well-written and publishable copy in two days (max).      Nigeria
BoxCV Box cv replaces the traditional “send your resume to my email” for “send your resume to my BoxCv” keeping them in a orderly cloud system by tags helping with the clasification.      Spain
Lifesavory Lifesavory makes it easy to learn how to cook nutritiously. We offer programs as short as 10-days to revamp a diet to paleo or gluten-free. Programs include on-demand recipe videos, interactive chef-led online classes, and ingredient delivery.      United States
Global Engineering & Exploration Counselors The vision of GEECs is to start a movement of citizen explorers engineering modern exploration tools and adding to our knowledge of our world. Our first program is Girls Underwater Robot Camp, instilling young women with confidence to join non-traditional engineering and exploration careers.      United States


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