Start-Up Chile Alumni: “TheBesty” Eye U.S. Expansion

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TheBesty, a mobile concierge app that came out of Start-Up Chile Gen 11 and Scale 2, has now expanded across Latin America, and is eyeing U.S. expansion.


The company, who sells their SAAS solution into hotels, is a perfect example of a U.S. company that has setup tech operations in Chile away from the glitz, glam, and high prices of Silicon Valley, and built a product that has the potential to expand globally and reach millions of people.  TheBesty consumer app can be downloaded on both the Apple Appstore and Android Playstore, and is available in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil.  TheBesty consumer app and hospitality platform will be rolling out across the United States and Eur.ithin the next year.


Recently, TheBesty was sponsored here in Chile by two government agencies: Sernatur (Chile’s Government Tourism group)  and Fundación Imagen de Chile (Chile’s Government non-profit tourism promotional foundation), who have pledged to help market the app to a global audience in 2017.  These groups are the two leading government agencies that promote tourism in Chile, and to a worldwide audience.  Both groups feel that TheBesty can provide a huge technological leap for tourism across Chile, and hope to see visitors from all over the world using the app during their travels to book tours, find local activities, learn about local cuisine, and receive top level customer service at their hotel.  Right now, TheBesty offers thousands of tours and activities available for purchase through the app as well as an expansive offering of local information useful for locals and tourists alike.  The company says that the partnership with both government groups will help put Chile on the map as a country whose mobile tourism offerings are world class, and will further promote Chile as a top destination to visitors traveling from all corners of the globe.


TheBesty is also working directly with Apple and has an ongoing partnership with LionBridge.  Apple has been working with the team to provide UI and on-boarding feedback.  TheBesty Founder, Matt Baer stated, “Receiving feedback directly from Apple is a blessing, and a relationship our entire team is excited to continue as we launch new features in the app and continue our expansion.”  LionBridge, a public company listed on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol (LIOX), has also partnered with TheBesty to enable the app to offer on-the-fly language translations to hotel guests.  TheBesty Founder, Matt Baer stated, “We have teamed with Lionbridge to allow hotel guests to chat with hotels in real-time using their native language, while delivering their requests to hotels in their preferred language.  This feature has enabled travelers from all over the world to communicate more effectively with hotel properties, and we are proud to partner with LionBridge, a leader in language technology, to develop a solution that can be used by the entire hospitality industry.”


TheBesty has been a shining example of a Start-Up Chile alumni team that has given back to the community, and now sees their star rising. The partnerships they have developed are impressive, and show that Start-up Chile alumni can make an impact not only in Chile, but far beyond.