The Xmas Summer: Time to Slow Down… Or To Speed Up?


What follows is the opinion of Morgan from Gift Pinpoint and only his opinion. It is certainly nothing resembling the opinion of any official opinion of Startup Chile, particularly if there is anything controversial or offensive below — and hopefully there is!

We think of Christmas season as the era of sitting under the tree, bonding with our family, catching up with long-lost relatives, hearing all the gossip (did you hear what cousin Michael did?!). These days, family gatherings more resemble the Onion than reality.

But not in Chile, po!

Hear, the summer heat is burning hot. And with the summer heat comes, time to ramp up on your startup. No time for vacations in Chilcon Valley! It’s hard because in Chile, traditionally, Christmas is a time to see your family and friends — but yet, we are so focused on our goals and our mission, that we are all spending our time balancing family and friends, with our singular, obsessive mission: making our companies successful through creating mindblowingly amazing products, and letting the world know about it.

There are various advantages to focusing now. One is that, no one else is–so there are fewer distractions!

Another advantage is, it shows — on the symbolic level — where your commitment truly lies.

Yet another advantage is, this is a good moment to step back and reflect, on where you were this past year, and what your plans for next year are: the step back “big picture” analyses that too often get lost. It’s hard to “see the trees in the forest,” to use an old cliché. Time to see the entire forest — because, to continue with the clichés, “if not now, when?”

So, as we all delve into our work to build awesome companies, a bunch of companies have updates:

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Clared (7.2) has rebranded themselves as…. Pactanda! Great name guys! It’s not quite a pivot, but it’s a new identity. I don’t know what either word means, but both sound great to me!

Renooble (7.2) has been doing very intense customer acquisition learning — with phenomenal results. Want more details? I’m under a FriendDA — the NDA for friends! — to not reveal any more, but you can ask them directly

Legal Fácil (5.1) has been growing very quickly and is now becoming the market leader in online legal information in Latin America. They’re also in the process of open sourcing a lot of their information and books. If you want legal information, you know where to look!

Tallyfy (8.2) is heads-down building some wonderfully awesome super-cool magical something that I don’t understand — but I can’t wait to see it!

SportID (7.2) has the advantage of having much of their team back in… Estonia. Therefore, while sitting in the freezing cold of the Slavic Weather, what else is there to do but work?

Tech Urself (8.2) came up with some superhero-awesome tweaks to their marketing — and they’re running with it. Now in development is the next iteration of the app to help you track what you’re doing, in a fun way!

Reverbeo (7.2) has been adding new features. I personally still vote for Reverbeo as the best company in 8.2 — and they’re just getting better and better! (Note: this is not the official opinion of SUP, just the humble opinion of your lowly author!)

Gift Pinpoint (7.2) has been working away on their super-awesome technology! Stay tuned for more excitement!

If anyone else has any other updates, just let me know — I’d love to include other companies here!