The top 18 Start-Up Chile companies are ready to raise funds at Demo Day


The entrepreneurial program will bring together the top 18 startups from the 11th generation with national and international investors in the ninth version of Start-Up Chile Demo Day. Also, between Marche 24th and 26th , there will be other activities related to entrepreneurship, led by world leaders in this field.




SANTIAGO, Chile. On March 26th  the ninth version of Start-Up Chile Demo Day will take place in Santiago, where the 18 most prominent startups of the 11th generation will present their ideas to influential national and international investors to raise funds to grow their businesses. The top 18 were chosen during Pitch Day where they pitched against another companies that also sought to reach the final.


Each team has only five minutes to convince investors that their opportunity is one that should not be missed. After all teams have presented, the judges of Demo Day, consisting of special international guests, will decide on the “The Best Startup” of the 11th generation of Start-Up Chile.


During the week of Demo Day, other activities (open to the public) will take place, led by the Start-Up Chile team and special international guests. The activities include workshops with Santiago Zavala (one of the founding partner of Mexican.VC, the startup fund and incubator in Mexico City, now a Partner at 500 Startups) and Marcelo Sales (nTime and Movile) which will be held at the CETOF building (Av Providencia 229) from March 24th to the 26th.



Demo Day Judges


Gleb Kaplun

Gleb Kaplun is an experienced traveller and international investor. Splitting his life between almost all the continents, Gleb is currently a Partner at Moscow-based Venture firm – Bright Capital, that is focused on early-stage internet businesses all-around the globe. With over $250,000 USD of capital deployed, the firm has interests in U.S., Europe, Israel and Asia and is looking forward expansion to Latin America now. Professionally an educator with a University degree in teaching, Gleb spend last 12 years of his life as a hands-on entrepreneur and productivity, product-development, fundraising advisor. He loves working with talented people, creatives, engineers and think globally, jetsetting to the new place without a doubt of delay. We don’t know where he lives, but there were rumors that he moved to Chile, claiming it to be “that place” right now.


Santiago Zavala

Santiago Zavala was one of the founding partner of Mexican.VC, the startup fund and incubator in Mexico City, now a Partner at 500 Startups.


As a partner of 500 Startups, Santiago has lead the process of selection and portfolio support for over 70 investments in Latin America, helping companies from their inception to multi-million dollar revenue run rate.


Santiago has actively taken part in the organisation and growth of a large number of communities related to programming and entrepreneurship in dozens of cities. Santiago has developed various products for Internet and mobile platforms and he is an expert in many programming and technological platforms and languages as well as agile process and product management.


His experience is based in applying formal methodologies to product development in record time. Santiago has spent his career in the mix of technology and communities. He started his entrepreneurial career in a casual way by creating an online community that managed to link thousands of young people from 2000 to 2007. Since then, Santiago has spent his time developing products related to the following areas: social networks, photo, personal interaction, artistic expression and team organization.


In April 2011, he started his life as investor and co-founder of Mexican.VC. From 2009 to 2011, he was the first employee of Innovation Games, working on software development, taking these collaborative tools to thousands of people in international companies and Governments. From 2008 to 2009, he was in charge of developing Tikkia, a professional social network for Latin American.


Before this, he worked as a freelance on multiple projects, including the development of a tool to manage companies in a business accelerator. Santiago has been involved in events such as Super Happy Dev House and Startup Weekend, taking part as an organizer, facilitator, mentor, judge and participant in dozens of these events. Santiago has also co-curated for Startup Digest in Silicon Valley and has been a member of Hacker Dojo since its inception.


His interests include programming, photography, the entrepreneurial community and software development.


Marcelo Sales

Marcelo Sales is a serial entrepreneur, angel and executive who has a passion for building new and breakthrough products. His journey began in the wireless, internet and gaming industry when he created nTime and Movile, a mobile service company that provides mobile entertainment content, m-payments for virtual goods, marketing services, and HTML5 applications distribution  to “more than 20 million active users worldwide” (B2B and B2C). Their mobile desktop and wireless games were the first of their kind in the Brazilian market.


Since its founding in 2001, they were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2003. Soon after, nTime (then Compera n-Time  and Movile) merged with Yavox and Cyclelogic. The company has been part of Naspers MIH group since 2008 with its headquartes in Sao Paulo and offices in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Uruguay.
In 2011 Marcelo founded the business accelerator 21212.
Past experience:


  •       Movile founders (U$150M company) / Endeavor Entrepreneurs Award 2010
  •       Founder and CEO of WapTotal – 2000
  •       Founder and CEO of nTime Mobile Solutions – 2001
  •       Founder and COO of Comperantime – 2008
  •       Founder and Director of Movile Latin America – 2009
  •       Acquisition of Yavox – 2009
  •       Acquisition of Cyclelogic – 2010
  •       Head of innovation until 2011
  •       Founder and CEO of OpenCompanyIdeas – 2011



  1. The real work of leaders and how to achieve great success

Speaker: Marcelo Sales

When: Wednesday 25th, 12 pm – 1pm

Where: CETOF, Providencia 229



  1. Startup metrics

Speaker: Santiago Zavala

When: Wednesday , 3pm – 4pm

Where: CETOF, Providencia 229




Speakers: Santiago Zavala, Marcelo Sales and Luke Ball

When: Thrusday March 26th, 5pm – 6pm

Where: CETOF, Providencia 229



Start-Up Chile Top 18 companies (Demo Day)


  1. RealSpeaker Inc.

RealSpeaker Inc. develops the audio-visual speech recognition application RealSpeaker. Our solution uses additional video information, which allows as to improve voice recognition accuracy by at least 20-30 per cent. This makes our patent pending technology way ahead of existing competitions. We have been working for 2.5 years. We have released beta version of our product for Windows OS, which is currently in use by about 3k paid users from Russia. In this year, we are going to reach over 35 paid users with a revenue over $1M by the means of English, Spanish and Deutsch speaking people too.


  1. Qur’an Academy

Qur’an Academy is the world’s first smart Qur’an memorization/revision application. Millions of people memorize Qur’an across the world, but no matter how many times people review what they memorized, they ALWAYS make mistakes. The problem is that the way people track mistakes is very archaic. For example, people highlight in the physical Qur’an where they are making mistakes. All you see is pencil mistakes everywhere. Nobody has any smart data on whether a mistake was a new one, a repeat one (if so, how many times did the person make the mistake in the past), a common one made by a lot of people, etc. Qur’an Academy was born to provide you smarter data on your mistakes to help you memorize more effectively.


  1. Cloudponics


Cloudponics is a fully automated, cloud controlled hydroponic plant grow solution that allows any grower to grow from seed to harvest with optimal results and no hassle.

Cloudponics is the first fully integrated hydroponic system optimized for cannabis growers. Growing cannabis with great yields and quality is a difficult task that requires both experience and daily care. With Cloudponics, all the user needs to do is fill the water reservoir and watch his/her plants thrive. By using the mobile user application, the system will keep the user updated with the grow process and notify the user if the system requires attention. Cloudponics tracks variables such as temp, humidity, PH, EC, CO2, light intensity. Crowd sourced grow schedules allow for better growing. The system determines optimal nutrient concentrations.


  1. Fracttal


Fracttal is the asset management platform for Internet of Things (Iot). Fracttal is a SaaS cloud-based software that combines all the possibilities of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication and Enterprise Asset Management(EAM). With Fracttal companies of any sector or size can solve their critical asset performance challenges, making the maintenance management and asset control efficient.

It is comprised of 3 components: Fracttal EAM, Fracttal Mobile and Fracttal BoX.


  1. Renueva tu Closet

Renueva tu Closet is a social marketplace disrupting the second-hand industry by making it easy to buy and sell high-quality used clothing online. We help women across LATAM both to find their favorite name brands and styles at up to 80% off retail prices, and to make money from clothing they’re no longer wearing. The process of refreshing your wardrobe either from our website or from our app mobile is now fun and affordable!


  1. NoiseGrasp

NoiseGrasp is disrupting the marketing analytics industry by providing affordable optimization solutions that have traditionally been only available to advertising giants. Our solution helps marketers decide how to distribute their media budget across multiple outlets and get the maximum return. With tools like ours, advertisers can see ROI growths of up to 30%, only by reallocating their advertising resources.

Our unique approach of developing artificial intelligence over pure statistics has allowed us to create an extremely scalable solution, while still retaining the specificity of every client’s customer behavior. This focus on developing a highly scalable solution, combining the latest software and mathematical technologies, is what allows us to provide high quality recommendations and predictions at a fraction of the cost and implementation time needed by traditional solutions.


  1. Konoz

konoz is a website where you can learn anything for free and support your favorite YouTuber educators. At konoz, YouTubers can organize their videos into actual courses and give their followers a true learning experience — users can track their progress, join study groups, earn points and a reputation. It is like giving each YouTube educator their personal Khan Academy.


  1. Eco2Mix

We are a group of professionals with a lot of background experience working on irrigation and water treatment systems in agriculture and industry.

Our mission is to design the best ecological solution for water pH control in irrigation systems and other water treatment industry, helping the environment by replacing the use of toxic and dangerous Sulfuric Acid with CO2 instead.


  1. TheBesty

TheBesty is a platform to share and discover trusted recommendations. Rank your favorite things to create your own Besty List, and share it with friends.


  1. S-Biomedic

 S-Biomedic has developed a method to change the human skin microbiome. Our method can be used as an advanced cosmetics for acne recovery, skin aging or to enhance skin health and beauty. Further development of applications includes medical therapy of skin disorders such as acne, eczema and rosacea. Our first product is live probiotic cosmetics for acne.


  1. increases the emotion of what you see on TV by offering a second screen experience, free mobile application, that links smartphones and tablets with users that eager to interact with their favorite live TV shows. The TV is now a bidirectional experience and our solutions allows the audience to intervene the main screen while they interact with the show moderator. Advertisers also benefit from the experience as they can improve brand awareness by syncronizing their ads on the TV and on the smart device.


  1. MDS-2

MDS-2 is the human synergy of multidisciplinary knowledge across the mining industry. We are a start- up that builds state of the art technology solutions for the mining industry, specialized in the integration-analysis of new and existing data over several systems in mine operations.

Unlike other products in the market, we aim to develop solutions that allows our clients to optimize their processes easily with no learning effort. When clients use our solutions in their operational decision making, they will reduce operational cost, increase productivity and additionally improve human safety inside the mine.


  1. Mobile Bigfoot

We Connect People. Everything is better connected. Mobile Bigfoot’s mission is to connect people by providing fast and reliable wireless Internet in public areas. We know that once people are online the possibilities of digital interaction are infinite. Our goal, once we’ve connected people is to enhance their experience at each venue.

We offer a managed service consisting of Wi-Fi for public and private venues. We focus on venues and locations that are currently underserved by commercial carriers. We offer both permanent installations and temporary networks. We have very specialized expertise providing wireless service to venue types such as music festivals, shopping malls, stadiums, airports and metro stations that support thousands of users.


  1. Finvoice

Finvoice is an online marketplace for invoices – “eBay for invoices”. By matching small businesses with investors, Finvoice creates a new way for businesses to raise cash – faster and cheaper than banks. Finvoice’s mission is to empower small businesses that generate 65%-85% of new Chilean jobs.


  1. Keteka

Keteka leverages the Peace Corps volunteer network, a unique and robust network of global experts, in order to connect travelers with authentic, off-the-beaten path tours and activities that they can book instantly online. Kyle and Jack met in the Peace Corps in Panama, where they were both working with rural and indigenous tour operators on a grassroots level, and where this project started. They realized that there was a huge market for local, sustainable, adventure travel, and that they were in a unique position to bridge the gap between the traveler and the operators that can provide truly authentic experiences. Simply, Keteka makes it easy to find validated authentic experiences that you can book instantly online.


  1. Zhipcode

 Immediate pick-up and delivery, on demand! Powered by Wayra Venezuela & Startup Chile.Zhipcode connects online and offline retailers with independent messengers who are expert delivering things very fast. Via web, mobile APP or linking with our API, retailers broadcast offers to ZhipEntrepreneurs. The first messenger who accepts the offer carries out the delivery. A picture of the hired messenger is forwarded to the client. Zhipcode collects a commission per successful delivery mission.


  1. Skysense

 Skysense builds and sells charging infrastructure for drones, enabling remote-controlled flights and autonomous missions. Industrial applications include continuous land surveying, inspections, fast emergency response, and surveillance in a variety of markets such as farming, mining, energy, emergency, security, and logistics. Our customers are service/solution providers, and drone manufacturers. Unlike other solutions, Skysense’s technology is fast with an average charge time of two hours, can retrofit most of the drones nowadays on the market, is easy to use and integrate. Skysense demoed its technology with Parrot at CES 2015 and will be at CeBIT 2015.


  1. Packdocs

 Imagine all your documents, pictures, links, videos, everything in one place, instantly searchable, easy to share and fast to collaboration. That’s Packdocs.

Packdocs empower teams and individuals to manage all their contents from one single app center. People can connect all your storage accounts (dropbox, google drive, box, onedrive), and when they put new files in this storage, Packdocs instantly notify people that they want.