The Talk of the Town: several suppers in the press this week


In addition to all the press we got because of the Demo Day, some suppers got reporter´s attention by launching new products, or just being good ambassadors of larger trends. The announcement of the 100 startups recently admitted in the program is making some noise, too. They are not even in Chile yet, but they are already gaining attention!

On Monday, May 28th, Agent Piggy got featured by Diario Financiero, and they also published an interview with Bridgette Sexton, from Google, who spent last week in Santiago and joined the Demo Day stage as a speaker.

The next 100 projects joining Start-Up Chile are making some noise, too. Diario Pyme and Webprendedor are already talking about them. ArriesgoLa Tercera , Innovació and PluggdIn published about the newly accepted teams on Monday.

Emol is paying lots of attention to suppers. This weekend, both VOZ and  “Tu Closet, Mi Clóset” (this one belongs to 4th round! not even visited our HQ yet, but already getting press´attention!) got featured by Rocío Rivera.

LUN published a piece about social media networks created in Chile, where, Klooff, Mi Buzz.TV and Huntcha got mentioned. Kuddos!

Flipter got featured at FayerWayer, which we hope means tons of visitor coming to their site.