The SUP Experience: Mostly Unfiltered


Morgan from Gift Pinpoint was in SUP 7.2.

These sorts of articles — tell us about your experience doing something — usually read like paid publicity: “It was so amazing! You should do it!”. It’s just like an ad on a personals dating website: everyone is perfect, everyone is beautiful!

Except, we all know that, everyone lies on dating websites. They show you a photo from 5 years ago, when they were still skinny. Or omit mentioning that they’re a crazy stalker.

Everyone else writing to you from SUP is going to tell you how amazing it is. So let me give you the other side: SUP isn’t for everyone.

Here is who SUP is not for: people who just want to hang out, see South America, meet some cool people, give your crazy idea for a company a try — then SUP may not be for you.

I mean, of course, those things will happen: you will see South America, you will meet cool people, you will give your crazy idea a try. But SUP probably isn’t right for you.

You won’t get the most out of it.

My suggestion? Go to Sydney. Cool beaches. Or Rio de Janeiro, lots of fun people there. Or the Cape Town, you’ll get lots of fun stories. Enjoy life. Good luck.

Who is SUP for? Who should apply?

Well, really only one type of person, the type that in American slang, we call the “go-getter” (or in more recent bureaucratese, they call “proactive” people: oh, can we rid bureaucrat-speak from the language already?!).

SUP does not give you what you want on a silver platter; you need to go get it.

SUP does not show you who the great people are; you need to sort through everyone to find them.

SUP does not tell you what you need to do with your company; you will get lots of conflicting opinions, from the stupid to the genius–and you need to figure out whom to listen to.

SUP does not make or break your company. It just helps push you along.

SUP does not keep you focused. No one and nothing can keep you focused… other than yourself.

If you’re ready to conquer the world, if you actually don’t need SUP at all — then you should apply. If you take advantage of the people and the opportunities, it will help on your journey to doing something amazing.

If not, then enjoy sitting on the beach. Try out Saint Tropez, they say it’s beautiful there. I personally wouldn’t know, I’m spending all my time not on the beach, but on making my company awesomely successful.

Morgan from Gift Pinpoint was in SUP 7.2.