The Start-Up Chile Padrinos


The Start-Up Chile family is quite a big and diverse one (in case you didn´t notice before), and there is a special group of friends who are sort of low-profile that we want to bring to your attention today: the Start-Up Chile Padrinos. A Start-Up Chile Padrino is someone who will be forever a caring person towards you, someone who will listen to you, guide you, inspire you.

This great group of people are committed to their entrepreneurs so the process of moving to a new country and building a company is as flawless as possible. They want you to feel great, so your creations can be great. The Start-Up Chile Padrinos are very important when the entrepreneurs have just gotten to Chile, as they help them out with transportation and basic info when they just got off the plane and might feel a bit overwhelmed. Some of the Start-Up Chile Padrinos have made good friends with their entrepreneurs, some have even launched business together. You never know!

This is why, a few weeks ago, padrino Jorge Riquelme gathered all the padrinos and their entrepreneurs for a barbecue at his place. See? The padrinos are that kind of people. We want to say thank you to Jorge and encourage all the padrinos to stay in touch and do great stuff!