The Start-Up Chile Application Process– in Numbers


Open from February to March 15th, the first Start-Up Chile application process of 2011 was covered by worldwide media and generated undoubtable interest within entrepreneurial circles. After having the opportunity to process all of the information that was received and crunch the numbers, we are proud to share the figures behind this process.

During the month that applicants were able to apply, we received 329 applications from 44 countries. Of those 329, we, with the help of YouNoodle, filtered out any duplicate or incomplete applications and those that did not comply with the requirements that were asked of each applicant. Of those, 189 complete applications remained. From there, we took out projects that, due to their nature, maturity, and/or applicability could not participate in the program– 133 viable applications were left.

Now, those 133 viable applications will pass through a group of international experts (entrepreneurs, VCs, and specific industry experts) and will be further reduced to the 100 that will be accepted to participate in Start-Up Chile. The final step is passing those 100 through the ultimate filter of the InnovaChile Sub-committee of Entrepreneurship and Innovation who will revise and validate the final list– that will be announced on April 25th.

Throughout the application month we received:

  • 34,511 visits to our website
  • from 139 countries
  • nearly 1,000 more Twitter followers
  • praise from international press outlets such as: Business Week, the New York Times, EXAME, and Investors Business Daily.
  • and answered nearly 1,000 questions from interested applicants via email, Skype, Twitter, and Facebook, among others.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and are very much looking forward to announcing the Start-Up Chile destined teams on April 25th.